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Yarnplaza & Laura Moorats @laurelknits | Yarnplaza.com

Yarnplaza & Laura Moorats @laurelknits | Yarnplaza.com
Posted on 23-12-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
When you think of knitted socks, you no doubt think of the talented Finnish designer Laura Moorats of @laurelknits! Laura's sock designs are always fresh and utterly charming. She is best known for her Color Palette Socks, a fantastic stash-busting design that has found its way into countless sock drawers. 

In our latest indie designer interview, we chatted to Laura and found out more about what drives her passion for her craft and what inspires her. Read on to meet the designer behind the patterns and sneak a peek into her yarn world. We’re delighted to share that Laura has created a gorgeous sock design exclusively for Yarnplaza. It is feminine and stylish, and it features a beautiful eyelet stitch pattern that is easy to memorize. Download the free pattern for the Yolanda Socks here. Laura used Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash in 94 (Off-White) and 245 (Purple) for her Yolanda Socks.

Where would most people know you from? 
I think most people would know me from creating the pattern for the striped Color Palette Socks. Maybe also from my IG and the ‘flat lay’ photos of the socks I’ve knitted. 

Where does your passion for knitting come from? 
I’ve always loved all kinds of making. Part of it is probably the idea of creating something with your own two hands. Another part, now as an adult, is growing my patience and attention span through knitting. 

How would you describe your style in 3 words? 
Simple. Traditional. Colorful.

If you had to choose between knitting toys, clothing, or home accessories, which would you choose? 
I’d always choose knitting socks. :)

What project are you most proud of?
Whenever I finish a pair of socks, I’m really proud of myself. The Color Palette Socks do have a special place in my heart, since that’s where my pattern writing journey started.

Who or what is your greatest source of inspiration? 
Colors and dreams.

Would you rather: go out for dinner / hang out with your loved ones / or knit the night away in peace? 
All of these are great, but I tend to lean towards knitting.

Which other handicraft has stolen your heart?
Bookbinding. I love the feel and smell of paper. :) 

Who is your biggest fan? 
My partner in life and crime – Mr. Laurelknits. :)
Who rolls their eyes when you pick up your needles (again)? 
My biggest fan. But he does it in the most loving way. :)

Where’s your favorite place to knit? 
I think I have the most comfortable sofa in the world. I’m usually wrapped in a wool blanket on the sofa, knitting away.

Do you knit tightly or loosely? 

What’s in your stash? 
I have a huge drawer full of yarn. Mostly different kinds of sock yarn, but also some cotton for summer knits.

Which items can’t you do without when you sit down to knit? 
My project bag which contains some fabulous yarn, ChiaoGoo circular needles, yarn scissors, tapestry needles and stitch markers. Also, headphones for listening to podcasts while knitting.

You’ve designed something special for Yarnplaza. Can you tell us about it? 
I designed the Yolanda Socks for Yarnplaza. This collaboration was a long time coming, and my aim was to create a pattern that is easy to remember, something to knit while watching a TV show or listening to a podcast. 

In addition to your own, whose account on social media is also worth following? 
There are so many incredible, talented makers out there, but here are some whose journeys and projects I love to follow:
Gorgeous color palettes and exquisite knitting – @myknittedjournal and @ronjahakalehto
Colorful socks and positive vibes – @just_tracie and @summer.lee.knits
Crochet/amigurumi – @lilleliis_official

A huge thank you to Laura for chatting with us and sharing this fantastic pattern for the Yolanda Socks! Have you knitted these socks by @laurelknits? Laura und Yarnplaza would love it if you shared them with us on Instagram or Facebook with #yolandasocks and @laurelknits @yarnplaza. 

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