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Yarnplaza & Chloë

Yarnplaza & Chloë
Posted on 18-2-2022 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
Banish the winter blues and welcome spring early with our new ‘Yarnplaza &’ collaboration. We are so excited to finally be able to introduce you to the Granny Square Cardigan à la Chloë. A cheerful design that you will absolutely love crocheting and wearing. Read on to find out all about this colorful cardigan and get to know the designer in our exclusive interview with Chloë.

If you follow Yarnplaza on social media, Chloë will no doubt be a familiar face. She has starred in many of our reels and modelled a number of our garments and accessories for us. Followers of our Dutch sister website, Wolplein, will also know her as the co-presenter of the Koffie & Wol series on YouTube, and of course, as a finalist in the HaakSTER 2020 crochet competition. Chloë has once again put her design talent to work in this exciting, new ‘Yarnplaza &’ collaboration. 

Granny Square Cardigan à la Chloë Crochet Kit

So, what has Chloë designed? In short, a garment that epitomizes her perfectly. This granny square cardigan, with its many striking colors, oozes happiness and cheer, just like Chloë herself. It is a garment that immediately catches the eye while ensuring maximum wearer comfort. The cardigan is made with Yarn and Colors Baby Fabulous, so it is also incredibly soft. The cropped body and wide cuffs and bands give the whole a cool, modern look. The Granny Square Cardigan à la Chloë is available in two different color combinations: one with Cream as the main color, and the other with Black. You also have the choice of two different sizes: XS/S and M/L.

Granny Square Cardigan a la Chloë Crochet Kit 1 Black XS/S
Granny Square Cardigan a la Chloë Crochet Kit 1 Black M/L
Granny Square Cardigan a la Chloë Crochet Kit 2 Cream XS/S
Granny Square Cardigan a la Chloë Crochet Kit 2 Cream M/L

Want to get started right away? Shop the materials you need now:

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Yarn and Colors Locking Marker Rings
Yarn and Colors Bird Scissors Rose Gold
Yarn and Colors Wool Needles

Interview with Chloë

We know you love meeting the makers behind the designs, so we are very pleased to introduce the designer behind this cheerful cardigan to you. Read on for a glimpse into Chloë’s world of crochet.

Hi, I’m Chloë. Most people know me from the previous season of the HaakSTER (2020), in which I placed third. Or from my Instagram account @_chloe.made, where I share all my creations. 
My passion for crochet began while watching my mother crochet. She was working on an amigurumi, and I spotted a design in the same crochet book that I wanted to make. So, as a leftie, she tried to teach me how to crochet and I was able to crochet my first doll. And then I started another project, and another, then another… And haven’t really stopped since. 

I would describe my style as hip and modern. I really love geometric shapes and sleek designs. 

I find it too difficult to choose between the three. During the HaakSTER competition, I really enjoyed crocheting them all. For the most part, I have a home décor project and an amigurumi on the go at the same time and alternate between them. Now and then, I add a garment into the mix.

It might sound clichéd but I’m most proud of this cardigan. I feel that designing and crocheting a garment is pretty ‘next level’, as the shaping is critical. I found this quite challenging, so I’m very proud that it worked out.

That is probably my mother. We often go for walks in nature together and come up with all sorts of ideas. I look at Pinterest too, but I prefer coming up with my own ideas and developing them further.

Hmm… I think I’d rather take my crochet along with me, ha-ha! No, I do enjoy going out and visiting friends and family. But I also really enjoy hanging out with friends or my mother on the sofa and crocheting while chatting. 

My mother, I think. But the rest of my family and friends as well. I have lots of friends who ask me to make things for them. And my family thinks it’s awesome that I often give crocheted gifts. So, everyone is a fan of what I do and that makes me really happy. 

I’m happiest crocheting on the sofa with one of my favorite TV shows. Like Friends, for example. I’ve seen it so often now that I don’t even need to look at the screen, just listen. If I’m designing something like this cardigan, however, then I prefer to work at a table so I can focus on the task at hand. 
I think I’m somewhere in between. Sometimes I crochet really tightly, like when I’m working on amigurumi. For fashion items, I crochet more loosely. 

My stash at home is constantly expanding. I often buy yarn for a new project but end up working on something else. My stash mostly consists of cotton. But apart from that, everything else is under control. I do have a lot of crochet hooks but always end up using the same ones. My favorites are stored in a small pouch that goes everywhere with me.
My absolute must-have is something to drink, like a cup of tea or coffee. I also like drinking milk. A tasty cookie or some candy is also nice to have. Above all, it’s important that I am sitting comfortably. I’m quite sensitive to the cold, so I like to sit under a crocheted blanket. 

For Yarnplaza, I’ve designed a cardigan that is made up entirely of granny squares. I also designed the granny square myself. I really wanted to create a granny cardigan in an original and trendy way. I think I have achieved that! 

For the whole cardigan, I used the same granny square pattern but in different colors. Softer shades are combined with bolder colors. There are repeating color combinations; this helps create a calmer whole in spite of all the colors. The best thing about a granny square is that it’s an easy project to take with you and crochet on the go. 

I’m so pleased with my cardigan and can’t wait to see other crocheters make it. Maybe you’d like to make yours using a uniform color combination. I think that would be a great option if you’re looking for a quieter look. Or strut your stuff in a loud-and-proud version like mine. 

Are you feeling inspired by this gorgeous design by Chloë? Then be sure to check out all our exclusive ‘Yarnplaza &’ collaborations on our blog!

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