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Stitch of the Month – Crochet Alpine Stitch

Stitch of the Month – Crochet Alpine Stitch
Posted on 7-3-2022 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
The word ‘alpine’ has been trending this past month. The Alpine Formula 1 Team has recently revealed their new car for 2022. We also saw the world’s best alpine skiers whizzing down the slopes during the Winter Olympics. It is therefore no wonder that this word has stuck in our heads and inspired this month’s new Stitch of the Month: the Alpine stitch.

What is Alpine stitch?

Time to expand your crochet repertoire once again, this time with the Alpine stitch. As with many other stitches, at first glance this crochet stitch looks like it is one for the experts. But nothing could be further from the truth! Alpine stitch is a great stitch for even beginner crocheters to use in their next projects. The only (basic) stitches you need to know are chain stitches, single crochets, double crochets, and treble crochets.

The Alpine stitch pattern consists of a 4-row repeat. On the front of your work, you alternate double crochets and front post double crochets across the row. For the return row on the back, you simply work single crochets across. As we show you in the video tutorial, you can use either front post double crochets or front post treble crochets, depending on the effect you want. 

By staggering the post stitches every other row, you create a beautiful diamond-like texture. This adds wonderful depth to your work and, if you use front post double crochets, produces a lovely, dense fabric. The latter means that Alpine stitch is ideal for crocheting fashion accessories, cushions, and warm blankets. For great compact results, we advise using a one-size smaller hook than recommended on the yarn label. If you want a more open fabric with a chunkier look, then use front post treble crochets instead of front post double crochets. 

Free pattern: Alpine stitch

Let us show you how to crochet Alpine stitch with both written and visual instructions. We have once again put together an in-depth video tutorial for you, in which Esther guides you step by step. If you prefer working from a written pattern, then read on for the row-by-row directions.

Materials needed for swatch
- Yarn and Colors Cheerful 064 Nordic Blue
- Crochet hooks 6 and 6.5 mm 
Yarn and Colors Cheerful 064 Nordic Blue
Yarn and Colors Rosé Crochet Hook 6 mm

Abbreviations used (US terms; UK in brackets)
ch – chain
tch – turning chain
st(s) – stitch(es)
sc – single crochet (UK double crochet)
dc – double crochet (UK treble crochet)
FPdc – front post double crochet (UK front post treble crochet)
FPtr – front post treble crochet (UK front post double treble)
rep – repeat

Start: For the swatch, we begin with a foundation ch of 23 sts and work a total of 29 rows.
Row 1: Begin in 2nd ch from hook, 22 sc, 1 tch.
Row 2: 22 dc, 1 tch. 
Row 3: 22 sc, 1 tch.
Row 4: *1 dc, 1 FPdc or FPtr around the dc in 2 rows below (row 2), skip st behind the FPdc/FPtr*. Rep *-* to end of row, 1 tch. 
Row 5: 22 sc, 1 tch.
Row 6: The front post sts are staggered in this row. *1 FPdc or FPtr around the dc in 2 rows below (row 4), skip st behind the FPdc/FPtr, 1 dc.*. Rep *-* to end of row, 1 tch.
Row 7: 22 sc, 1 tch. 
Rep rows 4 – 7 until you reach the desired length. 

Video tutorial: Crochet Alpine stitch

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