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Punch needle heart for Mother’s Day – Free pattern

Punch needle heart for Mother’s Day – Free pattern
Posted on 25-4-2022 by Karlijn van Mil
Want to try your hand at the trendy needlework technique of punch needle? And are you looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Then let us at Yarnplaza help you do both with this lovely heart punch needle project. It is simple to make and a sweet, unique way to tell your mom how much she means to you.
 punch needle free pattern mother’s day

It is no surprise that punch needle is all the rage in craft circles. This fun, surprisingly easy needlework technique produces satisfying results, and you can use it to make all sorts of beautiful and colorful works of fiber art. This heart for Mother's Day is a fine example, with its playful design that fades out to the edges and the stonewashed look of Yarn and Colors Charming.

If you are new to punch needle, you can find an in-depth guide to this technique, including what materials you need and how to get started, on our blog.

You will need:

- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Charming in color 033 Raspberry (or your mom’s favorite color!)
- Rico punch needle tool
This set includes 3 different needle tips in sizes 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm, and 2.2 mm, plus 2 threaders. The punch needle length is easy to adjust, so you can punch longer or shorter loops as desired. - Embroidery hoop 16 cm
- Lilian canvas fabric

Free heart punch needle pattern

Stretch your fabric in the hoop. Make sure it is nice and tight, then tighten the hoop firmly (use a screwdriver, if necessary).
Use a washable marker or pencil to draw a heart in the center of your fabric on the front of your hoop. It is easiest to cut a heart out of paper first, then trace around it on your fabric. Size of our heart: 8.5 cm wide x 7 cm high (measured at the widest and highest points).

Thread your punch needle, then set the needle length to 4. First, punch the outline of the heart, keeping the flat stitches nice and short. Punch around the outline twice like this. Then punch 2 more rounds with the stitches slightly further apart. From here, continue punching around the heart, spacing the stitches further and further apart. Keep checking the other side of your work to see if you are happy with the spacing of your stitches. Adjust as desired.

By punching from the front side of the hoop, the punched loops will be on the inside of the embroidery hoop. Once you are finished, release the fabric, and turn it over in the hoop so that the looped side is now on the front and the flat stitches are at the back. Stretch the fabric in the hoop and tighten again.

Trim the excess fabric around the edge of your hoop. For the neatest finish, use a needle and white thread to sew a long basting stitch around the outer edge of the fabric. Then pull on the ends to draw the fabric edge inwards at the back. Tie the ends in a knot and trim.

Done! You now have an original, handmade, and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day!

Happy punching! Have you made this punch needle project for Mother’s Day? We would love to see your creation! Share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram with #yarnplaza.

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