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Stitch of the Month – Crochet Offset Knot Stitch

Stitch of the Month – Crochet Offset Knot Stitch
Posted on 4-7-2022 by Karlijn van Mil
In this summer edition of our 'Stitch of the Month' series, we give you the offset knot stitch. A fabulous crochet stitch that adds interesting texture to blankets and other accessories. So, grab some yarn, pour yourself a refreshing drink, get comfy in your garden chair, and master a new crochet stitch.

How do you crochet offset knot stitch?

To crochet offset knot stitch, you only need to know a few basic crochet stitches. If you have single and treble crochets under your belt (that’s double crochets and double trebles for those more familiar with UK terminology), then crocheting offset knot stitch will be a breeze.

After the foundation row of single crochets, you alternate single and treble crochets across all rows worked on the wrong side of your project. In rows on the right side of your project, you simply work single crochets across. And that’s it! The knot-like effect is created by the height difference between the single and treble crochets. The posts of the trebles fold down to create a bulge that you push out towards the front side of your work. To ‘offset’ the knots, start with a treble instead of a single crochet when you come to your next row of alternating single/treble crochets.

Projects featuring offset knot stitch

Looking for the perfect project to practice offset knot stitch? Then we have a suggestion you will love: the Dream Blanket 3.0. This stylish throw blanket includes a range of exciting stitches, one of which is offset knot stitch. With the free pattern and accompanying video tutorials, you will also learn how to crochet pineapple cluster stitch, Apache tears, loop stitch, moss stitch, and more.

In addition to the regular Dream Blanket 3.0, we also have a kit for making the reversible Dream Blanket 3.0. In this version, the colors are reversed, with cream as the main color and your chosen color as the contrasting color. The Dream Blanket 3.0 collection also includes a baby blanket and decorative cushions.

Free pattern: Offset knot stitch

Are you all warmed up and ready to dive into offset knot stitch? Then let’s get started. Follow the pattern below and our step-by-step video tutorial to crochet a swatch in offset knot stitch. Once you are happy with the results, unleash your creativity and make something beautiful with this stitch.

Materials needed for swatch:

- 1 ball Pink Label Cotton Tube in colors 33 Romy/Stone Blue and 35 Hope/Midnight Blue
- Crochet hooks 4.5 and 5 mm

Pink Label Cotton Tube 033 Romy - Stone blue
Pink Label Cotton Tube 035 Hope - Midnight blue
Yarn and Colors Rosé Crochet Hook 4.5 mm
Yarn and Colors Rosé Crochet Hook 5 mm

Abbreviations used (US terms; UK in brackets)

ch – chain
tch – turning chain
st(s) – stitch(es)
sc – single crochet (UK double crochet)
tr – treble crochet (UK double treble)
rep – repeat
RS – right side
WS – wrong side

For the swatch, we worked 27 sts and 27 rows.

Start: With 5 mm hook, ch 27 for foundation ch + 1 tch.
Row 1: [RS] 27 sc. Change color in final pull-through, 1 tch.
Row 2: [WS] Change to 4.5 mm hook. *1 sc, 1 tr*. Rep *-* to end of row, ending with 1 sc. Change color in final pull-through, 1 tch.
Row 3: [RS] Sc across. Change color in final pull-through, 1 tch.
Row 4: [WS] 2 sc, *1 tr, 1 sc*. Rep *-* to end of row, ending with 1 sc. Change color in final pull-through, 1 tch.
Row 5: [RS] Sc across. Change color in final pull-through, 1 tch.
Rep rows 2 – 5 until you reach the desired height.

Video tutorial: Offset knot stitch

Learn more crochet stitches

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