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Teddy bears: 6 of the cutest cuddly bears to crochet and knit

Teddy bears: 6 of the cutest cuddly bears to crochet and knit
Posted on 8-9-2022 by Karlijn van Mil
In all likelihood, you too snuggled up to one every night as a child: a teddy bear. Most of us grew up with a soft, cuddly bear with whom we shared all our joys and sorrows. How special would it therefore be to crochet or knit a new teddy bear for the next generation? For inspiration, we have put together our favorite teddy bear patterns and kits for you.
 cuddly bears crochet knit teddy bear bears

1. Hugg Bear

This Hugg Bear is our all-time favorite! This super-soft playmate is incredibly cuddly as well as extra large (65 cm). A wonderful, new best friend for the little ones in your family. The pattern is available on our website for € 4.92 (excl. VAT), or you can buy a complete crochet kit that comes with all the materials you need.

Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 1 Blue
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 2 Beige
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 3 Pink
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 4 Grey
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 5 Turquoise
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 6 Yellow
Hugg Bear Crochet Kit 7 White

2. Create-it Bear Crochet Kit

Your little angel will love snuggling and cuddling with this teddy bear. You crochet the bear with Create-it yarn from Pink Label, so it is amazingly soft and velvety! This yarn is also nice and chunky, so you will have this crochet kit worked up in no-time. This design by Anneke Kooistra is simple, yet totally adorable. Will you make one of your own?

Create-it Bear Crochet Kit

3. Dream Dress-Up Bear

You can make this teddy bear to suit your (or the recipient’s) tastes entirely! There is a basic kit for making the bear, and a separate clothing kit to crochet all sorts of garments and accessories for this brown bear. Like a cool pair of dungarees, summery swimwear, and a raincoat. Just think how much fun your kiddo will have with this dream of a bear!

Dream Dress-Up Bear Crochet Kit
Dream Dress-Up Bear Clothing Crochet Kit

4. Valentine’s Teddy Bear ‘I Love You’

Do you want to declare your love for someone? Then crochet this darling, little teddy bear. You can download the pattern for free via our website and, of course, find the yarn you need in store. We used Pink Label Organic Cotton, a budget-friendly yarn made from 100% cotton. For whom will you crochet this cuddly creature?

Crochet Pattern Valentine’s Bear 'I Love You'
Pink Label Organic Cotton 069 Maud - Pale ruby
Pink Label Organic Cotton 018 Lisa - Taupe

5. Knitting Pattern Bruno the Bear

This cutie is called Bruno and he cannot wait to bring a smile to your little one’s face. Bruno is made with Stylecraft Special, Batik, and Bellissima DK. Along with the pattern for the bear itself, you will also find patterns for its clothing. Knit a pair of dungarees, a jacket, and a T-shirt for this soft teddy. The pattern is available for € 3.26 (excl. VAT) on our website.

Knitting Pattern Stylecraft Special, Batik & Bellissima DK No. 9670 Bruno the Bear
Stylecraft Special dk 1064 Mocha
Stylecraft Special dk 1710 Stone
Stylecraft Batik DK 1917 Silver
Stylecraft Batik DK 1914 Indigo
Stylecraft Batik DK 1908 Sage
Stylecraft Bellissima DK 3921 Single Cream
Stylecraft Bellissima DK 3931 Double Denim
Stylecraft Bellissima DK 3932 Rio Red

6. Create-it Bear Bag

Stand out from the crowd at a festival with this fun bag in the shape of a bear’s head. Fill it with all your daily essentials, so you are ready for your next adventure. This compact bag is made with just one cake of Pink Label Create-it in Warm Brown or Taupe. Which color will you choose?

Create-it Bear Bag Crochet Kit 01 Warm Brown
Create-it Bear Bag Crochet Kit 02 Taupe

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