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7+ ideas for creating fun fall handicraft projects

7+ ideas for creating fun fall handicraft projects
Posted on 8-9-2022 by Muriël Blom
Proper fall weather has yet to arrive. Still, it is not too early to get started on some fun handicraft projects for the new season. From a crocheted fall wreath to a cozy, hand-knitted blanket. In this blog, you can find plenty of inspiration to jumpstart your knitting, crochet, and embroidery this fall.

1. Fall Wreath Crochet Kit

We kick off this list with a beautiful piece that oozes cozy fall vibes. After all, why would you only decorate your house for Christmas and birthdays? The changing of seasons offers a great opportunity to make your home feel warmer and more welcoming with a few well-placed decorations. The wreath features fall classics, such as pumpkins and autumnal leaves, as well as other nature-inspired elements. Want to crochet this wreath for your home? Then order the complete crochet kit here.

Fall Wreath Crochet Kit

2. Four Seasons ‘Fall’ Embroidery Pattern

With this embroidery pattern, you can experience all the beauty that nature has on display this season. And all without even stepping outside your door! This embroidery pattern includes autumnal leaves, a squirrel, mushrooms, acorns, an owl, and other glorious seasonal motifs. This design is a wonderful way to bring fall directly into your home. Want to stitch this work of art? Find the free embroidery pattern here.

Embroidery Pattern Four Seasons Fall

3. Toadstool Crochet Pattern

From fairy tales to Super Mario, these iconic mushrooms with red caps and white dots are as ubiquitous as they are cute. Most commonly, of course, they are linked with fall. After growing in secret all summer long, these fungi pop up among the fallen leaves as the days get shorter. With this crochet pattern on our blog, you can conjure up your own spotted red mushroom with a wave of your hook. Want to crochet this fall icon today? Find the free crochet pattern here.

4. Sal Squirrel Crochet Kit

To spot a squirrel in the forest, you have to hold yourself very still. Squirrels are naturally solitary creatures and very shy. Want to see a squirrel up close and personal? Then crochet one! With the Yarn and Colors Sal Squirrel crochet kit, you can make this soft animal as a cuddly toy for your child or as fall décor for your home. You can find the crochet kit for this squirrel here.

Yarn and Colors Sal Squirrel Crochet Kit

5. Dream Scarf 5.0 Knitting Kit

With the arrival of fall, the year is slowly drawing to a close. As you stroll through the woods across a carpet of golden leaves, you inevitably start to dream. What will the future look like? What are your hopes and plans? On walks like these, the Dream Scarf 5.0 is your ideal companion. The yarn used to make this scarf is as dreamy as the project’s name suggests. It is made with Yarn and Colors Elegant, a blend of 50% acrylic, 25% mohair, and 25% wool. This produces a scarf that is fantastically soft and deliciously warm. Click here.

Dream Scarf 5.0 Knitting Kit

6. Dream Blanket 5.0 Knitting/Crochet Kit

There is nothing cozier than sitting under a blanket on the sofa, with a warm cup of tea, as you watch the rain pour outside your window. With the Dream Blanket 5.0, you have a handicraft project in which you can immerse yourself on cold days. This project appeals to both knitters and crocheters alike. It is up to you and your craft skills whether to go for the knitted or crocheted version. Ready to get started on this warm, cozy blanket? Then order your complete kit here.

Dream Blanket 5.0 KAL Knitting Kit
Dream Blanket 5.0 CAL Crochet Kit

7. Joy Shawl Crochet Kit

Do you want to swaddle yourself in warmth and softness this fall? Then crochet the Joy Shawl. This crocheted accessory is worked in moss stitch, which creates a lovely, dense fabric. The pattern is also easy to make, so ideal for newbie crocheters wanting to learn the craft this fall. Want to crochet a Joy Shawl of your own? Order the complete kit here.

Joy Shawl Crochet Kit

As you can see from this blog, there are so many delightful projects to make this season. So, grab your needles and hooks and get started on your next fall handicraft project today with Yarnplaza.com.

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