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4+ adorable, handmade baby cardigans to keep your little one warm

4+ adorable, handmade baby cardigans to keep your little one warm
Posted on 13-9-2022 by Muriël Blom
While big kids and grown-ups are good at regulating their body temperature, this is more difficult for young children. It is especially difficult for babies in those early days, weeks, and months. As we head into fall, it is therefore all the more important to dress your littlest ones up warmly. How better to do so than with a baby jacket handmade by you with love? In this blog, we bring you all the inspiration you need to make the most adorable baby jackets and cardigans.

1. Crochet Pattern Hooded Baby Cardigan

Do you love the contrast of a single accent color against a neutral backdrop? Then you will love this handcrafted baby jacket! It features your choice of bright pink or blue for the trim paired with neutral gray for the body and sleeves. The hooded cardigan is worked in sand stitch and the pattern has instructions for sizes 62 (74 - 86). The pompon on the hood adds a fun, playful touch to this cute jacket. A must-have for your baby!

Want to crochet this soft baby cardigan? Find the free pattern here.

2. Knitting Pattern Partner Baby Cardigan Girl

When you think of sheep, it is usually spring that comes to mind. But just think of how warm and cozy garments made from sheep’s wool are, perfect for fall! Like this baby cardigan in cheerful orange and coral colors with a gray band of frolicking sheep around the yoke. As the cardigan is worked entirely in stockinette stitch, it is a great first garment for less experienced knitters to tackle.

Want to knit this cute cardigan for your precious lamb? Download the free knitting pattern here.

Knitting Pattern Partner Baby Cardigan Girl

3. Crochet Pattern Happy Baby Cardigan

Watching your little one explore more of the world fills you with happiness, doesn’t it? With this Happy baby cardigan, your little one is all set for their next adventure. From their first trip to the park in their stroller to a day at the zoo. This baby jacket is perfect for all these happy occasions. The jacket is made with Yarn and Colors Happy, a super soft blend of wool, polyamide, and acrylic, for maximum comfort. With it, you can enjoy making the happiest memories together this fall!

Ready to crochet this Happy baby cardigan? Find the crochet pattern here.

Crochet Pattern Happy Baby Cardigan

4. Crochet Pattern Baby Summer Cardigan

The colorful, speckled pattern of this baby jacket makes us think of soft-serve ice cream dipped in bright sprinkles. And just as we love eating ice cream long after summer has gone, this short-sleeved cardigan is great for warmer fall days or as an extra layer after bath time. The fun combination of 6 different colors and playful pompons makes this baby jacket an eye-catching addition to your baby's wardrobe.

Want to crochet this cheerful baby cardigan? Find the free crochet pattern here.

Crochet pattern baby cardigan for summer
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