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Want to make a bedspread? 4 blankets to use as decorative bedspreads in your bedroom

Want to make a bedspread? 4 blankets to use as decorative bedspreads in your bedroom
Posted on 22-9-2022 by Muriël Blom
A bedspread is a large cloth, such as a blanket, used to cover your bed. Amongst other things, it helps your bed linen stay clean for longer and keeps it dust-free. Nowadays, most people use bedspreads for decorative purposes. A luxurious handmade blanket is a great way to make your room feel warm and cozy. In this blog post, you will find the most stylish inspiration for making your very own bedspread.

1. Never Stop Dreaming Bedspread Crochet Kit 01 Ecru

You will have the sweetest dreams when you sleep under this bedspread! The design of this white bedspread is inspired by Durable’s crochet books from the 80s, giving the blanket a cool retro feel. We love how large this bedspread is; it is so big it fits on most double beds. The use of Durable Knitted Cotton No. 8 ensures that this luxurious bedspread also feels wonderful. The key benefits of using cotton are that it is wear-resistant, has a natural feel, and produces a fabric that breathes well. This makes a cotton bedspread the ideal accessory for your bedroom!

Dreaming of sleeping under this gorgeous cotton bedspread? Then crochet your own with the kit below.

Never Stop Dreaming Bedspread Crochet Kit

2. Dream Blanket 5.0 CAL Crochet Kit

Want to make a bedspread for a child's bed? Or do you simply prefer a smaller bedspread for your own bed? Then you have come to the right place with this crochet kit! The design incorporates many different stitches and crochet techniques, such as crab stitch, bead stitch, and filet crochet. The result is a sensational blanket with plenty of texture and volume. The crochet kit comes in your choice of 12 trendy colors, so you can tailor your Dream Blanket 5.0 to suit any bedroom.

Inspired to make this your next crochet project? Then find the crochet kit here.

Dream Blanket 5.0 CAL Crochet Kit

3. Crochet Pattern Dream Tablecloth 5.0

Here is another multifunctional crochet project. In the summer, you can use it as a tablecloth for your garden table. And once winter arrives? Drape it over your bed as an extra layer. This cheerful blanket gets its stylish look from the various geometric motifs featured in the design. This luxurious bedspread is crocheted with the ever-popular Yarn and Colors Must-Have. This yarn is made from 100% mercerized cotton, ensuring that your fabric is strong and long-lasting. Plus, it comes in a huge selection of 125 different colors, so you can find just the right shade for your blanket.

Excited to get started on this versatile piece? Crochet your own with the pattern below.

Crochet Pattern Dream Tablecloth 5.0

4. Yarn and Colors Hip to Be Square Blanket Crochet Kit

Of course, no post about bedspreads would be complete without a granny square blanket! Just like bedspreads themselves, granny squares are becoming increasingly popular these days. With this crochet kit, you can crochet a stunning light-colored bedspread made up of granny squares in a beautiful selection of soothing neutral colors. This bedspread will not only look beautiful on your bed but can also double up as a wonderful throw for your sofa.

Obsessed with granny squares? Find the crochet kit below.

Yarn and Colors Hip To Be Square Blanket Crochet Kit
Looking for more blanket inspiration, or do you want to make something completely different? You can browse all our crochet kits here. Want to read more about all things crochet? Explore our blog here.

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