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Stoles & shawls: 4 stylish wraps to knit and crochet

Stoles & shawls: 4 stylish wraps to knit and crochet
Posted on 18-10-2022 by Muriël Blom
There is nothing finer than a warm stole wrapped around your shoulders when it’s cold outside. Stoles and shawls make wonderful extra layers for movie nights on the sofa or long walks in the brisk fall air. In this blog post, we tell you all about these stylish alternatives to scarves and share a few of our favorite stoles and shawls.

Scarves, shawls, stoles... Nowadays, these terms are used interchangeably. In general, a scarf goes around your neck, while stoles and shawls tend to be longer, wider fashion accessories that you can wrap around your whole upper body. This makes them the ideal extra layer in winter. Stoles and shawls made from wool, in particular, will keep you very toasty indeed. If you’d like to knit or crochet your own stole or shawl, here are four super stylish designs to inspire you.

1. Dream Scarf 5.0

Are you dreaming of a stole that not only feels soft but also looks sensational? Then our Dream Scarf 5.0 is just for you! For this gorgeous accessory, designer Bea Torfs drew inspiration from our Dream Blanket 5.0. Much larger than a typical scarf, this stole uses lace knitting to create the elegant eyelet details that make this stole so unique and stylish. The Dream Scarf 5.0 is made with Yarn and Colors Elegant. This combination of acrylic (50%), mohair (25%), and wool (25%) gives the stole a fluffy look and lovely soft feel. Find the knitting kits here.

2. Joy Shawl

This is one for the crocheters! The Joy Shawl is a simple, rustic design that warms you up just by looking at it. It’s perfect for draping around your shoulders when there’s a chill in the air. This triangular shawl is made with Yarn and Colors Joy, a mix of wool (25%), acrylic (25%), and polyamide (50%) that is not just warm, but also easy to maintain. This shawl makes a welcome addition to any winter wardrobe, one that you will enjoy wearing everyday. Find the crochet kit to make your own here.

3. Mohair Shades Oversized Triangular Shawl

This stunning shawl combines delicate mohair with bold color and simple garter stitch to produce an accessory that is a feast for the senses. It is incredibly lightweight, thanks to the use of Katia 50 Mohair Shades. This superkid mohair blend comes in—you guessed it!—fifty different shades. All the better to create your own color palette and knit a truly unique piece. Pair this shawl with jeans for a casual look or with an evening dress for a glam night out. You can find this exquisite knitting pattern here.

4. Stylecraft Cabaret DK No. 9424 Shawls

If you’re looking for a colorful stole with a hint of glamour, then these circular shawls from Stylecraft are just the thing! They are knitted with Stylecraft Cabaret DK, a self-striping premium acrylic yarn with a sparkly glitter thread. These showstopping shawls feature stylish lace details around the edges, making them perfect for draping over a party dress. Cabaret DK comes in 12 different colorways, so there is sure to be one to complement your outfit. Feeling inspired? Then click here to download the knitting pattern.

We hope we’ve inspired you to make one of these fabulous stole and shawl designs. Prefer to knit something else? Then be sure to check out all our knitting kits here. Looking for more craft inspiration? Then click here to read our blog.

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