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Painting with yarn: 4 decorative embroidery and punch needle patterns

Painting with yarn: 4 decorative embroidery and punch needle patterns
Posted on 21-11-2022 by Muriël Blom
Handmade items add warmth, depth, and comfort to an indoor space. While cushions and blankets make delightful additions, they can quickly become too much of a good thing. Especially in small spaces. A great alternative to soft furnishings is handmade wall art. This blog is an ode to embroidered and needle-punched wall decorations that you can make yourself. From imaginative décor for the nursery to striking works of art for any room. Read on now!

You may already be a pro at embroidery and/or punch needlework, but this blog is just as much for you as those wanting to try these handicrafts for the first time. With a little bit of practice, anyone can master both techniques! Punch needle is great for creating highly textured designs, while embroidery allows you to stitch more intricate details. Whichever technique you choose, the results are sure to be exquisite. Excited to get started? We've put together a list of our favorite embroidery and punch needle patterns below.

Get into the spirit of the season: Four Seasons Winter (embroidery)

Winter is a season full of wonder. From the festive holiday period to all the glory that nature has on offer. There are the plants that spring into life as the days get colder, and let's not forget the magic of snow. This embroidery design draws its inspiration from this natural winter wonderland. You’ll find a white hare, robin, and fox frolicking amidst Christmas greenery, winter blooms, pinecones, and acorns. This beautiful design is embroidered with DMC 117MC Mouliné Spécial Embroidery Thread.

Do you want to bring the wonders of winter into your home? Find the FREE embroidery pattern here.

Enjoy this everlasting Floral Bouquet (embroidery)

Everyone loves flowers! With their cheerful colors, rich symbolism, and sweet fragrances, how could it be otherwise? This hand-embroidered bouquet might not give off any scent, but it will delight you all the same. This bouquet comprises a variety of flowers in an array of colors. This masterpiece would not only look sensational as hoop art, but you could also stitch it onto a tote bag or make it into a cushion cover.

Ready to brighten up your home with an everlasting bouquet of flowers? Find the FREE pattern here.

Cute teddy décor for your nursery (punch needle)

Bears take many forms. Fearless and majestic in the wild, yet soft and cuddly as teddy bears. In this punch needle design, this bear’s face is the definition of cute. Punch this teddy on canvas and hang it in a hoop on your nursery wall or gift it to someone who adores these creatures. This fun project is made with Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have. This is a thick and robust yarn made from 100% cotton.

Are bears your favorite animals? Then make your own with this FREE pattern.

Sweet dreams beneath the moon and stars (punch needle)

The moon is a symbol that is both fascinating and captivating. This is unsurprising, given that in addition to its splendor, the moon is also a symbol of dreams and intuition. For this reason, it is a motif that frequently appears in fashion and home accessories. This particular design features a moon alongside stars and a cloud to create a dreamy effect. This project would not only look very eye-catching as hoop art on your wall, but equally stunning on a bag or cushion.

Are you dreaming of creating this celestial scene? Then get punching with this FREE pattern.

Are you keen to try your hand at punch needle, but looking for a different design? No problem! Find all our FREE punch needle patterns here.

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