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Phildar Phil Coton 4

Phildar Phil Coton 4
Posted on 5-5-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar is one of the popular brands Yarnplaza has to offer. Phildar Phil Coton is the ideal basic yarn for all your favourite projects, like amigurumi, slouchy hats, scarfs and shawls. You already know Phildar Phil Coton 3, now it’s time to meet Phil Coton 4!

This summer we continue to enjoy crocheting and knitting. In addition to a light shawl, you can also crochet some lovely home accessories or start knitting a sweater for the colder evenings. Do not wait until winter to try Phil Coton 4, it is the right cotton for every crocheting or knitting experience.

Phil Coton 4

Yarnplaza's newest yarn Phil Coton 4 is 100% cotton and enriched with aloe vera, which makes all your projects soft and comfortable to wear. Coton 4 is best used with needle size 4. Browse through all the 50 amazing colours and pick your favourite!

On the left you can see a stuffed animal crocheted with Phil Coton 3, on the right it is crocheted with Phil Coton 4. Do you see the difference? When you crochet with 4, everything will be a little bit bigger.

What would you knit or crochet with this yarn? Send us a picture of your project ([email protected])! We might put your creation in our Wool of Fame on Facebook. 

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