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Spray blocking your knitting

Spray blocking your knitting
Posted on 3-6-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Arrrgh, you have knitted something really nice but there is absolutely no way the form will hold. Recognize this frustration? Spray blocking is a way to solve all your "shaping problems". How to spray block your knitting the right way? Yarnplaza will show you! 

Sometimes it is enough to just moisten your knitting project and hang it out to dry, but you can also start "blocking". Spray blocking is the gentlest method. With a spray bottle, gently mist the knitting and let dry. Remove pins if necessary and the knitting should hold its new, appropriate shape naturally. We will use some pictures and text to explain the whole process.

Pull out your blocking equipment and join us as we teach you the ins and outs of molding your knitted or crochet pieces into shape.

What do you need?

Materials: spray bottle, pins and a subsurface to secure them on like carpet, mat, cork, etc.

Method of Spray blocking

Step 1: Put your work down in the desired shape. Secure your knitting with the pins in the subsurface. Secure them roughly, you might want to adjust the shape later on. You can easily stretch, do not be afraid to be firm. Adjust until you are satisfied. 

Step 2: When you are satisfied with the shape, add some pins! There needs to be tension on the edges. If there is no tension, you will get arches in your knitting later on.

Step 3: Time to spray your knitting! Make sure the fabric does not get too wet, just damped slightly.

Step 4: It can take a while until your knitting is dry. Remove the pins when the project is dry completely.

And you are done with spray blocking your work!

Do you have tips on spray blocking or blocking in general? Share them on our Facebook or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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