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Crochet iPad cover

Crochet iPad cover
Posted on 12-6-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet iPad Cover - Look at this crocheted iPad cover! It will fit your iPad perfectly and it is decorated with a fun flower. But of course, we did not create this item just to be pretty, the cover will also keep your favourite gadget free from scratches. Continue reading for the free crochet pattern and get your own!

Nowadays almost everyone is armed with their favourite gadget: the tablet! We love using our tablet for gaining more knitting and crochet inspiration, plus we take it anywhere with us. A cover is thus convenient, and what better than this pretty eyecatcher?! The pattern is reasonably simple, and is perfectly suitable for unexperienced crocheters. You only use single crochet stitches for the cover and cross-stitches for the flower decoration. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start today!

What do you need? 


Pattern 'Crochet iPad Cover'

Tip: this iPad cover can be used for every type of tablet; you only need to adjust the measurements.

Ch 35 + 1.
Rows 1-65: sc.
Crochet scs all around the piece.
Fold and close the bottom and sides with sl st.
Make a chain st loop on the back and sew a button on the front.
Finally, embroider the rose on the cover in cross-stitch, following the pattern. The square in bold is the middle of the pattern.

Cotton Mix 80 and 130
Cotton Mix 80 and Mix 130 are two of the many quality yarns Yarnplaza has to offer. Just recently they were actually named "best cotton for crocheting" along with Phil Coton 3. Do you think the Mix 80 to heavy? Take a look at the finer thread of Cotton Mix 130.

Have you crocheted an iPad cover already? Send us a picture at [email protected] and we might put your creation up on our Wool of Fame on Facebook

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