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Knitting helpers and accessories

Knitting helpers and accessories
Posted on 24-7-2014 by api_more2make.nl


Knitting Helpers - Active knitters easily make nice sweaters, dresses or a bag. Sometimes however, you could use a little help counting the rows or with attaching a new colour in your knitting project. Luckily for you, Yarnplaza has a lot of knitting helpers and accessories! Read on for all ins and outs on our accessories!

Yarnplaza.com has a huge assortment of knitting and crochet accessories for all kinds of purposes. We have a large variety in knitting needles and crochet hooks, from wooden and bamboo, to aluminium and plastics, everything you might need can be found here. In addition, we also have a lot of products and accessories that have a supportive function, making you knitting or crochet efforts a little easier.

Knitting Accessories Summarized

If you are not that familiar with all the tools available to assist you with your knitting or crochet project, here is a little help. Take a look at the summary below of our best knitting helpers.


Stitch Holders
A stitch holder is a tool to hold open stitches when they are not being used by the needles. This stitch holder is shaped like a large safety pin. Use the pointy end to slip on the stitches you want to save for later. Remove your knitting needle when all the stitches are on the holder. Both Lana Grossa and Prym have great stitch holders available.


Needle Gauge
This Lana Grossa needle gauge is practically a ruler for measuring needle sizes or a swatch. Do you often find yourself puzzeled at finding matching needles? When all your double pointed needles have piled together it is extremely useful to sort them out. This particular ruler has a little knife to cut yarn.


Row Counter
Lost count of your rows? It can happen to anyone. A row counter helps you count the rows, making knitting a bit easier. Attach it to your needle and keep track of your project. The Prym knitting register is suitable for needle sizes up to 5 mm. The Lana Grossa row counter is suitable for needles size 2 mm to 7,5 mm.


Stitch Ring Markers
Stitch ring markers are essential tools to crocheters and knitters. They are used to mark a certain number of stitches or the beginning of a round. Especially when you are working with a large number of stitches this can be very helpful. Take a look at the Lana Grossa stitch ring markers or try the Prym stitch markers.


Needle Point Protectors and Stitch Stoppers
Do you want to make sure your knitting does not slide off your needle? Use these stitch stoppers of Prym. Besides being handy, they protect your needles when you are not using them. Multifunctional!


Knitting Calculator
Calculating and counting gets a lot easier with this knitting calculator. This Prym knitting calculator helps you to quickly calculate the number of stitches and rows needed to obtain the size you want. Check the size of your needle while you are at it. It will only be a matter of time until you cannot go without this little helper!


Wool Bobbins
Are you working on a colourful knitting project? Use these Prym wool bobbins; they make complicated intarsia a bit easier. These fishlike plastic bobbins hold contrasting colours of yarn, just by winding small amounts of yarn onto it.


Wool Needles
These special hand sewing wool needles of Lana Grossa have a handy loop for your thread. They make it easier to stitch pattern parts together. No more clumsy noodling to get your thread through the eye of a needle.


Cable Needles
A cable needle is a useful item when you are planning to knit cables. They are short, straight or slightly curved needles that temporarily hold stitches in order to form a cable. Yarnplaza.com offers cable needles in different thicknesses, so you can make a lot of different projects, like cushions, plaids or cable sweaters.

Do you ever use any of these knitting (and crochet) helpers or accessories? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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