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Crochet abbreviations and crochet symbols

Crochet abbreviations and crochet symbols
Posted on 30-7-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet abbreviations

Reading crochet patterns is an art. If you know what each symbol and abbreviation is for, they are a lot easier to interpret. In this blog, we will show you all the symbols and crochet abbreviations. Isn't it just handy to have everything in one clear overview?

Many patterns include a drawing (graphics) that show you how e.g. a scarf or muffler is made. Generally, they always use the same symbols. Once you know every symbol, it is no longer an incomprehensible drawing, but a great figure!

Crochet abbreviations and symbols

Fantasy stitch
Some patterns may include a fantasy stitch with a name like "dragon stitch" or "v-stitch". Those stitches will have a different symbol, the ones above are standard (universal) symbols.

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