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Felting a basket - How to

Felting a basket - How to
Posted on 7-8-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Felting a Basket - What are you doing when you are in a creative mood? We love to take our knitting needles or crochet hook and start a brand new project. Today we wanted to do something totally different and the results are speaking for itself. Don't you love this cute felted basket? Read on for all ins and outs on the felting techinque.

This cute felted basket is multifunctional! You can put it on your kitchen table with some fruit in it or simply use it to store magazines or other little stuff. A real eye-catcher in any room! The felting technique is ages old and felting a basket is actually a lot of fun when you know how to do it. Join us now in making this unique project!

For this basket, we used the yarn Rico Creative Filz, a 100% wool, chunky but lightweight yarn. No yarn is more ideal for felting! Pick any pattern to crochet a basket and choose your favourite colour. Get to work now!

What do you need?
For this type of basket, you will need 7 skeins of Filz. There are pretty and deep colours to choose from.


You can felt wool can in different ways. The way we do it, can be done by practically anyone who knows how to start a washing machine. But first things first: crochet a basket with a pattern you adore. Then, put your project in the washing machine and voilà, a felted home deco accessory will come out!

The picture below shows the before and after. Felting makes your knitted or crocheted work strong and gives it a nice appearance. Do you dare?

Set the washing machine at 60 degrees and turn on a normal program. Add some detergent and a few towels for optimal results. Success is guaranteed!

Felting wool

If you prefer to use a different wool or the colour of your choice is not available in Filz, take a look at the qualities below. These balls of yarn are all perfectly suitable for felting:

Lana Grossa Ragazza Lei Uni - In addition to beautiful sweaters, you can use this more than soft wool to felt with. Available in a rainbow of colours!
Lana Grossa Feltro - A wonderful quality with popping colours.
Katia Love Wool - What is not to love? With this solid full structured thread, you will make every project a "felting succes".
Drops Eskimo - So nice and warm, it will warm the entire North Pole. Without joking: Drops Eskimo is nice and bulky and you can choose from beautiful soft colours.

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