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Phildar winter yarns 2014/2015

Phildar winter yarns 2014/2015
Posted on 3-9-2014 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar starts the winter with a new set of beautiful qualities. They respond to the trends but remain original and come back with a lot of new colours. Yarnplaza shows you the new Phildar winter yarns!

Take a look and get inspired!

If you have seen the winter trends then you already know that big, bigger, biggest is the new thing. Phildar Phil Contraste fits this perfectly, as the chunky structure makes every knitting thick and voluminous.

Phil Frénésie is composed of 75% natural materials. Create an unique look with this woolly yarn: knit a long cardigan, a striking sweater in the colour Dragée or just a nice scarf.

Broaden your horizon with Phil Horizons! This striking wool cannot be skipped. Try Horizons once for a warm scarf or turtleneck. Due to the different thicknesses in the thread you get an exceptional result with some simple stitches.

Phil Randonnees might not seem special, but if you look closely, you will see that there is fluffy, colourful tweed incorporated in the thread. You could make adorable baby clothes or a great sweater with this playful yarn.

"Rêves" means dream in French and that is exactly what you achieve with Phil Reves. Beautiful, airy shawls or warm ponchos! Browse between the colours with tie-dye look and pick your favourite.

Soft +
Would you like to knit for kids or make a nice pair of baby shoes for a baby shower? Phil Soft Plus is the perfect wool for the job. The combination of wool, alpaca, polyamide and a wire chain structure will get you a soft but firm result!

Phil Steppe consists of natural materials that have been converted into small loops. Steppe is a typical bouclé yarn with a large length. "Boucle" means loop and you start seeing a lot of it upcoming winter. Make the most beautiful sweaters, cardigans, scarves and snoods with a nice relief!

Phildar winter yarns

Of course we also have the familiar "base" summer and winter yarn Phildar in our assortment. What yarn did you use most? And what is your new favourite?

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