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Lana Grossa winter yarns

Lana Grossa winter yarns
Posted on 17-9-2014 by api_more2make.nl

We are used to the fact that new Lana Grossa winter yarns are introduced every year. This year, the brand has completely immersed in winter trends and the result is stunning.

We think they are more than amazing and cannot wait to show you the new qualities! Get ready... here they are!

Lana Grossa Winter Yarns 2014/2015

Olympia Gold
After the showstopper Olympia you now have the insane Olympia Gold! A wonderfully blended yarn with varying thicknesses. With two balls you already have a full knit scarf. Have you seen those beautiful colours?

Cinque Multi
If you are looking for a thread with full colours that blend into each other, then you are in the right place with Cinque Multi. With the handspun structure and variation in thickness you can knit the most amazing eye-catchers!

Feltro Paillettes Print
Feltro Paillettes Print looks like spun cotton candy with tiny sequins in it. This yarn is also ideally suited to felt with. What about a home deco basket?

Big & Easy Rio
Big & Easy Rio is one of the thickest and most striking threads between the new qualities. Immerse yourself in this soft wool blend and knit a nice suit or hat.

Ragazza Nordico
The ombre look remains beautiful, so you should check Nordico by Ragazza.

Feltro Carnevale
A special thread named Feltro Carnevale. How about felted booties? The tweed in this yarn makes each project a party.

This woolly ball has a funny name: Bombolo. A unique effect yarn with wool and mohair to knit with. For example: an oversized sweater or a nice short vest.

If you are looking for a fleece yarn, we recommend Marmo. The combination of cotton and wool makes this sphere practical to maintain. Moreover, you can create a unique look with each stitch, because there is a white wire spun through.

A fluffy microfiber! Peppina you can combine with other yarns and fabrics you love. Create a long-haired vest or an awesome scarf!

Garzato Nuovo
Garzato Nuovo is super cuddly with bouclé effect. The composition of merino wool, mohair wool and acrylic gives this the necessary heat for the winter and wears light and airy on the skin.

Lace Pearls Degradé
Knit a shawl with a flower stitch and Lace Pearls Degradé. The yarn is airy and delicate. The small glass beads make each project look a bit luxurious.

Splendid gives each scarf, sweater or vest a metallic look because of the lurex in it. Choose from a range of special colours.

Alta Moda Super Baby Fine
Alta Moda Super Baby Fine is an extremely fine (chain) structured yarn from the finest baby alpaca and merino wool. Do you already have that structured knitted sweater for this winter?

Principessa means princess in Italian. With this modern, elegant yarn you can crochet or knit yourself a luxurious wrap or a soft cardigan for a little princess.

Yak Merino
Coarse fabrics are made with Yak Merino. With about 10 skeins you already have a nice sweater to go into cold weather.

Cool Wool Alpaca
Cool Wool Alpaca consists of merino wool and baby alpaca. What does that mean? Soft baby blankets, delicious house slippers or a fine scarf. Getting started then?

Alta Moda Lace
The chain structure of Alta Moda Lace makes it easier to apply different knitting techniques. A feminine lace sweater comes well out of the paint with this yarn.

A new and exciting quality made of soft baby alpaca and warm merino wool. A thread to eat! With Soffilo you make all knitting projects you have always wanted, like accessories, clothing or a rug.

Have you made something with one of these qualities? Let us see with a photo ([email protected]), then perhaps your creation ends up in our Wool of Fame on Facebook.

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