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Knit a scarf: three different warm scarfs for winter

Knit a scarf: three different warm scarfs for winter
Posted on 30-9-2014 by api@more2make.nl

Looking to knit a scarf for upcoming winter? You can make one with one simple stitch. You will have a warm accessory around your neck in no time! Take a look at our three variants and choose your favourite!

See what a different thread does to the appearance of your scarf. They are all knitted in k1p1 pattern so the sides won't curl up. Which one would you pick? A scarf with a tough, mottled or classy touch? Follow the steps and create your own unique design!

Step 1: choose a yarn
Step 2: choose a pattern/stitch
Step 3: decide the width of your scarf
Stap 4: choose a finishing (straight, with fringes or with a point)

Lang Yarns Malou scarf (point)

Lang Yarns Malou is super soft because the thread consists of 70% alpaca wool. It is a popular yarn and looks a bit fancier than the other two. This scarf is finished in a point: great to tie around your neck, super trendy!

Size: width 25 cm., length approximately. 300 cm.

You will need:
- Lang Yarns Malou, 6 balls of yarn
- knitting needles 10

Knitting pattern scarf

CO 2 st.
Knit in k1p1 pattern, starting with k1.
Row 2: M1 in last st (3 sts).
Row 3: k1p1 all sts.
Row 4: M1 in last st (4 sts).

K = knit
P = purl
The arrows indicate the direction of knitting.

Repeat these rows until you have 34 sts. Keep on knitting k1p1 until you have knit up 5 balls. The last ball is used for decreasing down to 2 sts. Make sure you decrease in such a way that the straight edge is on the other side (you get an elongated parallelogram). BO when you have 2 sts left.

Lang Yarns Olympia scarf (fringes)

Lana Grossa looks great because of the mixed colours and variety in thickness. Every knitting is unique! Time to make that scarf.

Size: width 25 cm, length without fringes approx. 210 cm.

You need:
- Lana Grossa Olympia, 4 balls of yarn
- knitting needles 10

Knitting pattern scarf

CO 32 sts.
Knit in k1p1 pattern until the scarf measures approx. 210cm (82½in). BO all the sts. Use the remaining yarn to make fringing. Cut the yarn in lengths of 40cm (16in). Fold in half and pull the loop through the scarf ends using a crochet hook. Pull the yarn through the loop and your first fringe is done. Repeat for the remaining fringes.

Katia Big Merino scarf (straight)

Big Merino gives every knitting an edge because the thread is twined. This means that multiple threads are twisted together. Knit a scarf with Big Merino that looks coarse, but is soft and super huggable.

Size: width 25 cm, length approx. 200 cm.

You need:
- Katia Big Merino, 4 balls of yarn
- knitting needles 10

Knitting pattern scarf

CO 36 sts.
Knit in k1p1 pattern until you have nearly used up all the yarn. BO all the sts.

What is your favourite scarf? 

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