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Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool
Posted on 22-10-2014 by api_more2make.nl

This funny little creature makes for very soft and strong alpaca wool, with which you can knit delicious vests, oversized sweaters and other clothes or accessories. If you are looking for strong wool that can take a beating, you're at the right spot!

Of course there is plenty of choice from alpaca wool at Yarnplaza.com, but we only give you the very best. Therefore, we have compiled our favourites:

Drops Cloud Mix
Cloud Mix is ??a blown yarn. Wait what? The fibers are not twisted but created by being blown through a tube. This creates a unique structure that makes clothing up to 35% lighter. Knit a nice jacket in cable pattern. By the way, it does not tickle so anyone can wear it!

Drops Air Mix
Air Mix also is "blown yarn" and therefore particularly light and airy. This thread is available in several beautiful colours. Which colour would you use for a soft beanie?

Katia Silk Alpaca
Make a nice wool sweater with luxurious look or a warm cape. Alpaca Silk is a blend of soft alpaca and silk. We have some beautiful neutral colours, what would you use?

Drops Alpaca
The name says it all: made of 100% alpaca wool and therefore very soft and cuddly. Drops Alpaca Uni yarn is untreated and therefore very suitable for baby clothing.

Drops Nepal
With Drops Nepal you make fine socks, a soft cardigan or a good hat. A simple knitting quickly looks luxurious with this unique yarn. Because it is not chemically treated, the wool is natural and also very nice for baby and children. Check the Uni Colours and subtle mix colours.

Drops Lima
An accessible yet luxurious yarn in beautiful Uni Colours and Mix colours. Want to surprise someone with a homemade garment? Use Drops Lima for knitting outerwear like a Norwegian sweater or a sporty vest. A sport yarn with extra quality!

Lana Grossa Cool Wool Alpaca
Looking for alpaca wool in crazy cool colours? Check out the options of Cool Wool Alpaca! This yarn is perfect for a hip vest, cute sweater for a tough guy or a cool hat.

Lana Grossa Alta Moda Alpaca
Baby alpaca wool is the first wool that comes of an alpaca and is extra soft. Alta Moda Alpaca consists of 90% baby alpaca and is delicious wintry wool to endlessly vary with.

Lana Grossa Alta Moda Fine
Super light with a longer length than the conventional yarns. Try Alta Moda Fine once and be surprised by the light clothes you make with it.

Drops Andes
Drops Andes is a beautiful combination of wool and alpaca. A traditional form solid thread with needle thickness 9, so you can be quickly done with a knitting or crochet project. Suitable for virtually all your winter projects. Available in Uni Colour and Mix.

Lang Yarns Malou
They always say: save the best for last. We present: Lang Yarns Malou. Bulky, super soft, available in beautiful colors and with 10 skeins you make a perfect sweater. Is this the ideal alpaca wool?

Mixed alpaca
Of course we also have a variety of mixed alpaca. Look at the beautiful threads of Katia Air Alpaca, Lana Grossa Garzato Fleece, Katia Quetzal and Katia Alpacotton.

Do you have something beautiful made ??from alpaca wool? Show us by sending a photo to [email protected]. Who knows, your creation might end up in our Wool of Fame on Facebook!

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