Crochet beautiful home décor in your favorite interior design style!

A house is only really a home if you are happy with how the interior looks and how cozy it feels. With the home-deco crochet kit you have all you need to crochet yourself some domestic bliss! The home decorations are tailored to your favorite interior design style, so you have a choice of Industrial, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Vintage or Bohemian! The different patterns, yarns and accessories make each item a joy to crochet. And once you have completed the challenge of crocheting this set of 5 beautiful home decorations, you get to enjoy them! Want to find out what all you can make with the home-deco crochet kit and which interior design style suits you best? Then read on!

The home-deco crochet kit includes everything you need to crochet a cushion, bottle cover, plant hanger and mandala wall hanging! And to top it all off, the kit also includes a large woven basket! You can pimp up your basket with some fun embellishments (for which patterns and supplies are of course included). You can buy the complete kit for €49.95.

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The 5 items are all completely different from each other, making them extra fun to crochet. If you have a good grasp of the basic crochet stitches, then you will have no problem crocheting these home decorations, a fun project for both beginner and advanced crocheters! You will receive yarns from Yarn and Colors. The cushion is crocheted with Happy, a fine yarn that is perfect for home accessories because it is warm, super soft and washable. The mandala wall hanging and the plant hanger are crocheted using a variety of stitches and materials, incorporating wooden beads and rings to create a unique kind of crochet work! They can of course be hung on the wall (using a thin nail), or why not try hanging them on a cupboard, a door or in the window?

The Home-Deco Crochet Kit contains:
2 balls Yarn and Colors Fabulous | 4 balls Yarn and Colors Epic | 4 balls Yarn and Colors Happy | woven basket | wooden beads | wooden rings | metal ring | and of course all 5 crochet patterns.

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What else do you need?
Crochet hooks 4 mm, 5 mm, 6.5 mm | cushion 40 x 40 cm | Clover pom-pom maker S 35 mm | needle with a blunt point | animal grooming brush with fine teeth | white (or other color) wine bottle (the pattern explains how you can adapt the cover to fit different types of bottles).

And to make sure that the kit is exactly to your taste, you can choose from 5 different interior design styles. Discover which style suits you best below! We also provide some extra styling tips for each style.


Are you artistic, a hippie at heart (maybe even on the outside), and not afraid of color?
If your answer is a resounding YES, then you probably already know that the Bohemian style is your perfect fit. Different colors, materials and prints all mixed together. No rules, just experimentation, with clothing and home accessories alike!
Colors of the home-deco crochet kit:
Cheerful and striking colors for the mandala wall hanging, bottle cover, plant hanger and basket embellishments. The bobble cushion is crocheted in a light cream color for a true boho vibe!

Extra styling tips:
- Feathers on the mandala and bottle cover are a bohemian must-have.
- Hang the mandala from a small branch.
- Go crazy with embellishments for the basket. Thread colored and wooden beads in different sizes onto the decorations, and don’t forget to add more feathers here too!

Home-deco crochet kit farmhouse

Do you love the atmosphere of a cozy and snug farmhouse? Where the natural materials used in the interior décor all contribute to that wonderful homey feeling? Then the Farmhouse style is the one for you! A farmhouse interior radiates comfort, coziness and warmth!
Colors of the home-deco crochet kit:
Warm, calming colors such as various shades of grey.

Extra styling tips:
- Hang the mandala from a small branch.
- Use the woven basket to store a lovely throw blanket in a soft shade, such as beige, taupe or grey. This helps create an extra warm, cozy effect.

Home Deco Crochet Kit Vintage

Do you go for trendy items, while still indulging a craving for nostalgia? Do you enjoy warm, natural colors, such as shades of oak, dark teak or beech wood, combined with cheerful colors, like orange or ochre? Does it thrill you, to wander through your local secondhand store searching for the ultimate piece to add to your living room? Do you appreciate unusual shapes and strive for a unique interior? Then nothing will please you more than a Vintage style interior!
Colors of the home-deco crochet kit:
Warm, natural shades, such as black, dark brown and dark green, combined with ochre.

Extra styling tips:
- Instead of using the bottle cover for a wine bottle, why not make a cover for a lovely vintage bottle or vase? Combine your covered bottle with other vintage bottles in a playful arrangement.
- For the ultimate nostalgic feel, pop a large cactus or snake plant in the basket (these plants have the added advantage of being very low maintenance).

Home-deco crochet kit scandinavian

Or ‘Scandi’, as it is fondly called by true enthusiasts! The Scandinavian style is very hip and happening right now. Do you enjoy a light, bright interior with neutral tones, softly accented here and there (with a pastel color, for example), combined with greenery? Then this is the style for you! Many people enjoy the soothing effect of the neutral colors and minimalist items which epitomize the Scandinavian style.
Colors of the home-deco crochet kit:
Soft green and pink with calming white and light grey.

Extra styling tips:
- Cover a vase and fill it, along with the plant hanger and basket, with plants! This will complete the soothing effect. The Monstera plant looks particularly great in the basket, with its full foliage and lush green color.
- Keep the décor low-key, particularly with regards to accessories. Do you want to add more? Then choose ones in the same color palette as the home-deco items to keep the whole look quiet.

Home-deco crochet kit industrial

Do you love robust materials and cool colors? Is your ideal home a converted old factory? Do you like to keep a quiet background against which to place striking and edgy items, like a black steel shelf? Then the Industrial style is your perfect match!
Colors of the home-deco crochet kit:
Cool shades, such as black, grey and dark green.

Extra styling tips:
- To give the basket a stronger look, you could place it inside a black steel-wire basket. Or spray the woven basket itself black, very cool!

Which interior design style will you choose?

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