Crochet flower


Crochet flower -  How lovely do these flowers look? They are crocheted with 100% cotton. Choose your favourite colour and crochet one, or a whole bouquet of flowers to cheer up every room! Looking for the pattern? Check out this blog.

Crochet this pretty flowers to introduce the summer! We use colourful cotton yarn of Phildar, ByClaire and SCM Catania, but maybe you have some leftovers which are very suitable to crochet this flowers.

Cotton for crochet hook 3, for example:
- Phildar Phil Coton 3
- ByClaire nr. 1
- SMC Catania

Stitches used:
ch. = chain stitch = slip stitch
dc. = double crochet
tr. = treble

Crochet pattern flower

Start with ch 5 and close the chain with sl st.
Row 1: dc 12 on the ring and close with sl st.
Row 2: Switch to another colour and make *ch 7, sl st in the next stitch*. Repeat *-* 11x (= 12 flower petal)
Row 3: sl st in first petal, ch 3 (= tr 1st) still tr 11 in same space, sl st 1 in sl st of row 2. *tr 12 in next petal, sl st 1 in sl st of row 2.* Repeat *-* 10x. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop


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