Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL 2019 Crochet Patterns

Dream Blanket 3.0 Crochet Patterns

Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL is almost starting! You can already crochet the gauge swatch now! This is very important so you know which crochet hooks to use for the entire blanket. Download the pattern of the gauge swatch in the link below and watch the video tutorial. From next week on we will release a new video tutorial and pattern each week for you to crochet along. Everyone can join in this beautiful crochet project. 

Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL crochet patterns – When you have decided you will join in on the fun of this wonderful CAL then the only thing left to decide on is in which color combination you will be crocheting this dream blanket and if you will pick the Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit or the Reversible Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit. When you have chosen the colors of your dreams and you have ordered your favorite version of the Dream Blanket then the time has come to crochet along and create the blanket of your dreams together with Yarnplaza in this CAL. Shop the Dream Blanket 3.0 Crochet Kit now!

Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL 2019 | A dream come true for all crocheters

We wrote a separate blog in which you can find all the information about Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL. In this blog you will find all the information you need to know about the crochet kits Dream Blanket 3.0 and Reversible Dream Blanket 3.0.  Here you can also find the answers to the most common questions about this new project. So, go ahead and read everything you want to know in this informative blog about the Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL.

Dream Blanket 3.0 bag


Bag with Dream Blanket 3.0

Extra advice:

We would like to give you some extra advice to make it extra easy for you to crochet this Dream Blanket 3.0.

Marking rings:
Use marker rings on every 20th or 40th stitch (or whatever works best for you). This way you know exactly on which stitch you are working according to the pattern. If you lose count then it will be easier to count every 50 stitches instead of all separate stitches.

Color switch:
At each color switch do not cut the thread too short (about 15 to 20 cm.) This way you will be able to tuck them in easily later on.

Crocheting a wider blanket:
If you want to widen the blanket, you start with  a foundation chain which is a multiply of 16 + 3ch. 1ch.

Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL Crochet Patterns:

Gauge Patch Dream Blanket 3.0

Gauge Swatch Moss Stitch:
Download the pattern for crocheting the gauge swatch in moss stitch and watch the video tutorial about crocheting the gauge swatch here. 

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