Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL 2019 | A dream come true for all crocheters.

Dream Blanket 3.0

For Yarnplaza and all crocheters another dream came true: Dream Blanket 3.0! On November 13th 2019, the CAL (Crochet along) of the Dream Blanket started. The CAL was 10 weeks in total and every week a new video and part of the pattern was made available for you to crochet along with. Now all 10 weeks are live, all patterns can be downloaded and all videos can be watched. In just 10 weeks you can crochet the entire Dream Blanket 3.0 thanks to the clear patterns and tutorial videos. Read on to discover everything about this dreamy blanket for crocheters.

This is an informative blog about the Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL. You can download all the patterns and watch the video turorials in our blog: DREAM BLANKET 3.0 CAL 2019 CROCHET PATTERNS

Yarnplaza had a dream ... to design a large, soft and beautiful blanket which was made out of the most beautiful stitches. This year (2019) that dream is coming true: Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL! This blanket is especially designed for all crocheters. There will be exciting new stitches for the experienced crocheters and this will also be a good project for the beginners, because of the various basic stitches which are used and some stitches are repeated. The blanket is nice and big (1.30 - 1.65 meters) and will really be an eye catcher in your interior.

Dream Blanket 3.0

♥ Dream Blanket 3.0 ♥

Monique is our professional crocheter and designer. She has designed many beautiful crochet projects for Yarnplaza but the Dream Blanket is definitely one of her highlights. She was inspired by the bohemian style and combined it with graphic forms. This resulted in a Dream Blanket with playful figures such as balls, loops, fringes and tough and sleek shapes such as apache tears. You crochet with the strong and soft yarn “Yarn and Colors Happy”. Due to the exciting stitches and the use of 2 colors, the blanket has a nice contrast. The main color is one of the 11 colors of Happy and the accent color is cream (002). Because the accent color is neutral, the other (main) color stands out even more! With every different color combination you get a different result, which is nice to see! Which color combination is your favorite?

Different colors of Yarn


♥ CAL Dream Blanket 3.0 ♥

On the Yarnplaza blog we will share a part of the Dream Blanket 3.0 pattern every week: You will also find clear video tutorials in which the stitches are explained.

♥ Size Dream Blankets 3.0 ♥

The Dream Blanket 3.0 will approximately be 1.30 - 1.65 meters in size. How big it will be exactly depends on your personal style of crocheting. If you are a tight crocheter then your blanket might be a little smaller, if you are a loose crocheter then it might be a little bigger.

♥ Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit ♥

Shop the Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit now, so you will have all the materials for the first CAL! You can choose from 11 different color combinations. Cream (002) is the accent color and is combined with one of the 11 main colors. You can already buy the crochet kit now to be sure you have the crochet kit when we get started.

Content crochet kit Dream Blanket 3.0:
• 15 balls of Yarn and Colors Happy of the chosen (main) color
• 7 balls of Yarn and Colors Happy of the accent color (cream)
• Dream Blanket bag
• Dream Blanket 3.0 label

Bag with Dream Blanket 3.0

Bag with Dream Blanket 3.0

Pay attention! Yarnplaza.com is not liable for any yarn shortage when the blanket deviates from the original size or when your personal style of crocheting deviates from the style of the tutorials. The patterns give a clear indication for a gauge swatch and the package contains a large number of balls for making the indicated size.

♥ Reversible Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit♥

You can also crochet the Dream Blanket 3.0 in reverse! The color combination has been swapped which gives a really nice effect. The main color in the reverse version is Cream (instead of a color of your choice) and the color of your choice is now the accent color. Because cream is the main color, the blanket looks much lighter! This fresh blanket fits perfectly in a bohemian interior. The price and contents of the Reversible Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit and also the crochet pattern are exactly the same as those of the Dream Blanket 3.0, only the color composition is reversed. The example in the photo below is made out of the color Cream with the color Shark Gray.

Contents of the Reversible Dream Blanket 3.0 crochet kit:
• 15 balls of Yarn and Colors Happy in the main color (cream)                   
• 7 balls of Yarn and Colors Happy in the chosen accent color
• Dream Blanket bag
• Dream Blanket 3.0 label

Bag with Dream Blanket 3.0

Other supplies ♥ In addition to the crochet kit, you also need the following crochet hooks and accessories.
Crochet hooks 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm. Monique has used these crochet hooks, but if for example you crochet more tightly, we recommend using a crochet hook which is one size larger.
Marking rings and a crochet row counter (for keeping track and counting the number of rows).
Tapestry needle for tucking in the threads.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is the blanket being crocheted with Yarn and Colors Happy?
    We recommend Yarn and Colors Happy because this yarn is perfect for crocheting blankets. The balls of wool contain a whopping 100 grams of wool and are available in beautiful colors. This yarn is incredibly soft, very pleasant to work with and remains beautiful for a long time (also after several washes). In addition, the Happy Yarn has a good price / quality ratio.
  • Do I have to subscribe to attend the CAL?
    You don’t have to subscribe! Everyone can join and the patterns will be made available online for an indefinite period of time.
  • How many weeks is the Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL in total?
    The duration of the CAL is 10 weeks in total. Each week a new stitch is being explained in the blog and shown in a video tutorial.
  • When does the Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL start?
    November 13th, 2019 the first crochet patterns of the Dream Blanket 3.0 will be shared online. From then on a new part of the pattern will be shared in the Yarnplaza blog every Wednesday at 11 a.m.
  • Where can I order the Dream Blanket 3.0 Kit?
    Order the Dream Blanket 3.0 CAL crochet kit here!
  • Are the balls of yarn from Yarn and Colors also available separately?
    Yes, you can also order the balls of Yarn and Colors Happy separately. But, it is cheaper to buy the complete crochet kit instead of purchasing all the balls separately.

Pay attention! The Dream Blanket 3.0 patterns are the property of Yarnplaza and may not be distributed or exploited in any way digitally or physically. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by email or telephone.

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