Knit a Scarf and Hat

knit a scarf and hat free pattern loop snood

Knit a scarf and hat - You can never have enough scarfs and hats, especially now the days are getting colder. You can vary endlessly with colours, different yarns and alternative stitches. This way you can create your own unique look to go with your outfit. This time we knit a trendy scarf and matching hat of Lana Grossa Loop. Continue reading for the free patterns.

Lana Grossa Ragazza Loop is a thick, round spun yarn that is ideal for creating more chunky projects. The beautiful colour gradient and the chic edge give each project an unique touch. Do you love the deep, dark red shades, or are you more into the warm autumn colours?

Which colours would you pick? Do you love one of these six colours or are you picking another colour of the Ragazza Loop? Take a look at all the colour options here. 
lana grossa ragazza loop colours

Size scarf: 185 x 33 cm

Material scarf:

- 10 balls Lana Grossa Loop (the scarf in the picture is made with colour 12)
Circular knitting needles no.10, 120 cm

Stitches used:
Stocking stitch: knit right side row, purl wrong side row.
Reversed stocking stitch: purl right side row, knit wrong side row.

9,5 stitches and 15,5 rows stocking st., needles no. 10 = 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting pattern Loop scarf:

Cast on 170 st. with circular knitting needles no 10. Knit *9 rows reversed stocking st. and 9 rows stocking st., repeat from * 1x, end with 9 rows reversed stocking st. and 5 rows stocking st. = 50 rows in total. Loosely cast off all st.

knitting pattern loop scarf

Size hat: circumference 54 - 56 cm, appr. 26 cm high.

Material hat:
- 2 balls Lana Grossa Loop (in the picture colour 12 is used)
Double pointed needles no. 8 and 10

Stitches used:
Garter stitch: alternately knit and purl 1 row.
Reversed stocking st.: purl all rows.

8,5 stitches and 16 rows garter st., needle no. 10 = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting pattern Loop hat:

Start at the edge of the hat. Cast on 44 st. with needles no. 8. Divide the st. evenly over the 4 needles (=11 st. per needle) and close the round.
For the band, knit 5 rows = 3 cm reversed stocking st. - the band will twist to the inside a little bit. Then continue with knitting needles no. 10 in garter st. After 20 cm = 32 rows from the end of the band, for the pointy shape of the hat, knit 2 st. together = 22 st.
Repeat these decreases in the next 2nd row another time = 11 st. Purl another 1 row. Then pull the yarn tight through the remaining 11 st. and close the hole.

knit a scarf and hat free pattern

Besides a basic straight scarf, you can also make a trendy snood! Below you can find the pattern of the snood in the above picture.

Size snood: circumference 82 cm, 43 cm width.

Material Snood:
- 7 balls Lana Grossa Loop (in the picture colour 12 is used)
Circular knitting needles no. 9 , 80 cm.

Stitches used:
- Garter stitch: alternately purl and knit 1 row.

Knitting pattern Loop snood:

Cast on 80 st. and close in a round. Knit garter st. After 43 cm = 80 rows, loosely cast off all st.

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