Knitting a Poncho with Lana Grossa Nordico

knitting a poncho lana grossa nordico free pattern

Knitting a poncho - What better to wear this time of the year than a warm and cosy poncho? On colder days you can wear your poncho on your coat and when it is a little warmer this knitted poncho on it's own makes sure you are comfortable and warm. Get going on this beautiful poncho and knit your own with Lana Grossa Ragazza Nordico! Read on for the free pattern.

This royal poncho is made of Lana Grossa Ragazza Nordico. This beautiful mixed yarn has soft colour transitions, making it stylish and on trend, and at the same time giving your knitting project a luxurious appearance. The twisted structure of the yarn creates variations in thickness, making your project sturdy and winter proof. Moreover Nordico is voluminous, making it ideal to use for a warm sweater, scarf or poncho! Lana Grossa Ragazza Nordico is available in 15 different wintery colours, varying from deep dark green, to more blue and purple shades. Check them all and pick your favourite colour!

Which colour would you pick?

lana grossa ragazza nordico colours

- 9 balls Lana Grossa Ragazza Nordico
Circular knitting needles no. 8, 60 and 100 cm
Circular knitting needles no. 7, 60 cm
Crochet hook no. 6

Stitches used:
Rib stitch: alternately, knit 1 st., purl 1 st.
Stockinette: knit right side row, purl wrong side row.

9 st. and 14 rows stockinette with needle no. 8 = 10 x 10 cm.

nordico free knitting pattern poncho

Knitting a Poncho - Free Pattern:

Cast on 113 st. with knitting needles no. 8, 100 cm and knit stocking st. In the 3th row, decrease 2 st., by making a double decr. in the middle 3 st. (= slip 1 st. knitwise, knit 2 st. together, pass over slipped st. over knitted st.).
Repeat this decrease each 2nd row another 44 times at the same place = 23 st. When you have less st. continue with needles no. 8, 60 cm. In the next right side row cast off the middle 13 st. for the neckline and continue each part separately. Cast off in the 2nd row another 1x3 st. Then cast off the remaining 2 st. Continue the other side in reversed way.

Work the front the same way as the back, but start earlier with the neckline shaping. Cast off the middle 9 st. in the next right side row after the 38th decrease (there are 37 st. on the needle) and continue both parts separately. At the inside edge for the round neckline, cast off every 2nd row another 5x2 st. and 2x1 st. Cast off the remaining 2 st. at the same height as the back. Continue the other part in reversed way.

pattern chart nordico poncho free knitting pattern

Span both parts and spray them. Close the side seams. With circular knitting needles no. 7, knit up 60 st. at the neckline. For the collar knit rib stitch. After 5 cm continue with knitting needles no. 8, 60 cm. In total, knit 17 cm for the collar and then loosely cast off all st. Make 114 fringes at the bottom of your poncho. Each 2nd st. attach 1 fringe with your crochet hook, at the sloping sides 28 fringes and mid front and mid back 1 fringe. To make a fringe, cut 2 strands of 40 cm and fold them double. draw the loop with your hook trough the edge and draw the ends of the fringe through the loop. Pull them tight. The length of the fringe will appr. be 19 cm.

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  • Linda Gustafson

    Is there another version of these directions that might be easier to understand for an intermediate kntter, like me?

  • Ann

    It's a beautiful poncho but I can't figure out the directions for the neck. I've had other people look at it and now we are all stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ann, for the back after the 44 decreases you should have knitted 91 rows and have 23 stitches left. From these 23 stitches you need to cast off the middle 13, 5 stitches remain on each side that you need to finish separately. Knit 1 row, then in the next row cast off 3 stitches on the neckline side and in the next row cast off the remaining 2 sts. Do the same for the other part. For the front after the 38th decrease you should have 37 stitches on your needle. Cast off the middle 9 stitches and continue with the remaining 14 stitches on each side separately. Each 2nd row (so row 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) cast off 2 stitches on the neckline side. You have 3 stitches left, in row 12 and 14 cast off 1 stitch on neckline side. Then at the same height as the back cast off the remaining 2 sts. Hope this makes more sense! Kind regards, Elianne

  • Violet Rose

    i do not understand the pattern... i got some of it.. but you are measuring in cm not inches.. the diagram is in cm correct?

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