Knitting a Snood with Rico Creative Twist

knitting a snood free knitting pattern rico creative twist

Knitting a snood - A cosy and warm snood knitted with an easy pattern, who does not love that?! This snood of Creative Twist has a luxurious look and is incredibly warm. Combine it with a warm winter coat or a sturdy leather jacket and you are totally ready for this winter!

This snood is easily knitted with a moss stitch pattern. Can you knit in garter and stocking? Than this pattern is easily learned! By combining these stitches alternately you will get a creative and playful effect. The yarn Creative Twist Super Chunky of Rico is perfectly suitable for this scarf. The twisted structure of the yarn gives this snood an extra dimension and makes it feel very soft.

To be sure you are kept warm this winter we also knit a super cute head band. Ideal for those who always have to deal with cold ears plus it makes you look super fashionable! Do you want some variation? You can also knit this scarf in stocking stitch and attach some nice tassels to it. Style it completely to your own preference!

What do you need?
knitting a snood free knitting pattern rico creative twist materials

Materials Snood:
Rico Creative Twist Super Chunky colour 1
Knitting needles no.10mm

a) b) c) Children's snood: 2 balls Twist
d) Adult snood: 3 balls Twist

Stitches used:
Moss stitch

With needles no. 10, 8,5 st. and 15 rows in moss stitch = 10 x 10 cm.

knitting a snood free knitting pattern rico creative twist

Knitting a Snood - Free Pattern:

Cast on a) 13 b) 15 c) 17 d) 19 st. with knitting needles no. 10.

Row 1: *Knit 1, purl 1* Repeat until the last st. and knit the last st.

Repeat this row until your snood measures a) 99 b) 113 c) 127 d) 141 cm, and end with a wrong side row (purl). Cast off the st. pattern wise.

Sew in the loose ends and join the edges to complete your snood.

Knitting pattern head band:

From the adult sized snood you will have half a ball of the Twist remaining, which is exactly enough to knit this trendy head band with!

Rico Creative Twist Super Chunky colour 1
Knitting needles 8 mm
- Stitch Holder

Size: one size

Cast on 12 st. with needle no. 8 and knit 30 rows stocking st.

In row 31 (right side of your work), put the first 6 st. on hold on a stitch holder or cable needle, and keep them behind your work. Knit the other 6 st. first, put the waiting st. back on your needle and knit these 6 st. You have created the twist of the headband.

Then, knit 30 rows stocking st. and cast off all stitches. Leave a long thread on your work to join the edges of the headband together.

Tip: try the headband before you cast off the stitches, to make sure the size is right. It is okay to make it a bit tight to make sure it keeps your ears nice and warm and it does not slip down. You can easily make the headband longer or shorter by knitting a few extra or less rows.

knittin a snood free knitting pattern rico creative twist

Here a selection of the available colours of Rico Creative Twist is show, but there are many more colours. Which one would your pick?

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