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lossen & vasten CAL 2016

Lossen & Vasten CAL - The Crochet Along is a well known concept in the world of crochet. Every week anxiously awaiting a new row, picking yarns, combining colours and as a result your very own self made blanket. Who does not love it? Last week a beautiful CAL started, and we are here to present you all ins and outs on the Lossen & Vasten CAL!

Four months ago, Joke ter Veldhuis released her first message about her Crochet Along, and in the meantime her CAL has already become a true hype! It started out with her great wish to once make a CAL, creating a blanket that she could be proud of, and to make others enthusiastic about the love for crochet. These turned out the be the factors for success because the 'Lossen & Vasten' CAL was born! What can we expect? The answer is three beautiful blankets to fall in love with!

The CAL is already a mega success, and the first patterns were released last week. Thousands of people from all over the world are joining in creating this beautiful blanket. Take a look and enjoy the beautiful colour combinations of Rose Scent, Morning Dew and Sea Breeze. Below you can find the colour combinations of the three blankets.

Used Yarns Lossen & Vasten CAL

For this CAL the yarn Stylecraft Special DK is used. Each blanket is made of 16 balls and per colour you can check how much skeins you need. Of course it is possible to make your own colour combinations! Stylecraft Special DK has an astonishing number of 81 different colours, so you have plenty enough choice! Do you want to order a complete pack of one of the preselected colours? Of course you can, click here to order the complete pack's.

lossen vasten rose scent

rose scent lossen vasten cal stylecraft colours Colour Combination Rose Scent:
6 balls 1005
2 balls 1065, 1080, 1218
1 ball 1130, 1123, 1240, 1023

lossen vasten morning dew

morning dew lossen vasten cal stylecraft colours

Colour Combination Morning Dew:
6 balls 1710
2 balls 1027, 1081, 1420
1 ball 1064, 1114, 1020, 1712

lossen vasten sea breeze

sea breeze lossen vasten cal stylecraft colours

Colour Combination Sea Breeze:
6 balls 1203
2 balls 1316, 1034, 1722
1 ball 1019, 1725, 1724, 1302

Join the 'Lossen & Vasten' CAL!

Are you interested in joining? You can! Each week new patterns are released on the Facebook group The Lossen & Vasten - CAL. Even though most people interact in Dutch, you can find the weekly patterns in English on this page and you can share your projects with fellow crocheters. Join the Facebook group today and meet all other 10.000 people from all over the world joining this CAL! This CAL will run from January 8th until April 1st, so you are guaranteed with 13 weeks full of crochet pleasure!

Have you joined a Crochet Along before? And will you join one of 2016's CAL's?

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  • Hilary gray

    Saw this on f book and had to do.

  • Hydi

    Beautifullllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It speaks to me without words

  • liz

    excited to see

  • jacqui

    I cannot find the pattern for the blanket in the link below. I have had a look on the Facebook page but cannot find it there either. Please can you advise me where to find it. Thank you

    • Hi Jacqui, you can find them at the facebookpage (De Lossen & Vasten - CAL). When you're on the page click on the more bar in the menu and then under files you can download the english patterns! kind regards!

  • Alie Massalt

    Heb het garen besteld bij wolplein en dacht dat het patroon erbij zat. Weet nu niet hoe ik aan het patroon kan komen?
    Kunnen jullie mij helpen. Ik heb geen facebook en wil dt ook niet.

  • marilyn bevan

    I would like to join this crochet along
    how many rows do you send out?

    Thank you this pattern looks beautiful

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