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mix and match cal 2016

Mix 'n Match CAL 2016 - The new year has just started and that means that we are at the verge of a year full of creativity, inspiration and of course the most fun projects! Just like previous years, there will start several 'Crochet Along' projects. The Mix 'n Match Crochet Along 2016 is one of them. Continue reading for all ins and outs.

Two years ago, Tertia and Jolanda started the Crochet Along 2014. It became such a success that this year the third plaid has been designed, and you can crochet along! Tertia has decided not to continue, but Jolanda has crocheted a beautiful blanket for 2016. Together with her partner Naomi, they organise the Mix 'n Match CAL 2016; a surprising blanket is on the program!

What you need to know about the Mix 'n Match CAL 2016

The designed blankets are made of SMC Merino extrafine 120. Armed with crochet hook no. 4, both Jolanda and Naomi choose 5 different colours. Jolanda combines different shades of purple, while Naomi chooses the blue shades. One blanket requires 5000 meter of yarn, and it is recommended that you are familiar with the basics of crochet stitches. This blanket is guaranteed to be a mix (and match!) of all kinds of crochet stitches.

The Mix 'n Match CAL 2016 starts on Friday January 8th and brings you 40 weeks of crochet pleasure! With a short summer break you are provided with weekly patterns a whole year long. Each Friday the new pattern will be presented and each week you will appr. crochet 6 rows.

mix and match cal 2016 crochet plaid

Stitches used:
- Chain
- Slip Stitch
- Single Crochet
- Half Double Crochet
- Double Crochet
- Triple Crochet
- Puff Stitch
- Front/Back Post Double Crochet

Measurement plaid: 185 x 130 cm

- Crochet hook 4
- SMC Merino Extrafine 120 

Colour Combination of Jolanda:
- 9 balls plum (colour 146)
- 7 balls burgundy (colour 133)
- 14 balls cream (colour 102)
- 5 balls camel (colour 105)
- 6 balls suede (colour 112)

mix and match cal 2016

Colour Combination of Naomi:
- 14 balls cream (colour 102)
- 8 balls denim (colour 154)
- 6 balls pool (colour 165)
- 6 balls teal (colour 169)
- 7 balls flannel heather (colour 191)

mix and match cal 2016

Alternative yarns
Of course you can make the exact same blankets as Naomi and Jolanda, but how fun is it to mix it up a little and come up with your own variations!? You can choose for different colours, but also different yarns. Good alternative yarns are the SMC Bravo and SMC Catania, but you can also choose for Stylecraft Special DK or Phil Coton 4. Pick your favourite yarn in the colours of your choice and style the blanket to your own taste!

Tips & Patterns
Jolanda and Naomi have a lot more tips while crocheting this plaid. Think about the counting of your stitches, colour changes and the variations in the number of stitches. All information, and the weekly patterns, can be found in the facebook group Mix 'n Match Crochet ALong 2016 or at the blog Knutsels van Jolanda.

Are you joining the Mix 'n Match Crochet Along 2016? Which yarn would you pick?

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