Monthly Stitch - Knitting a star

Monthly Stitch knitting star free pattern

Monthly stitch: Knitting a star - A cute baby blanket, a potholder or do you want to knit a cute pillow? With this pattern chart in moss stitch you can make the most cute figures in your knitting pattern! Curious how we do this? Take a look at our free pattern of this star.

Every month we highlight a stitch with which you can create the nicest projects! A real challenge that keeps you occupied for a while. This time we have an altered knitting chart of a star. The star is knitted in an easy stocking stitch pattern and the moss stitch is used where the chart is highlighted.

The stitch of the month would not honour its name if you could not endlessly vary in styles. Pick your favourite yarns, combine different shades or use the stitches alternately. Every alteration has its own unique effect, so the choice is yours!

What do you need?
You can use every kind of yarn with this pattern. Pick a more thicker yarn for a bigger and more firm star, or take a thinner yarn to create a subtle effect. We used Phil Coton 3 colour 60 and knitting needles no. 3 for this star.

Stitches used:
- Empty square   = knit at the right side of the work, purl on the wrong side of the work (stocking stitch)
- Rounds             = purl at the right side of the work, knit at the wrong side of the work (moss stitch)

Knitting pattern star

Knit rows 1 - 30 according to the chart below. Switch the stocking and the moss stitch at the right time. Et voilà, your star is done!

knitting star free pattern Monthly Stitch

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Do you know a nice stitch that we should definitely highlight, or do you have other tips? Send your ideas to and maybe we will make it a stitch of the month!

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