Spring Bouquet: Crochet Along!

Spring Bouquet CAL

Spring is our favourite season! Can you guess why? Because we get to decorate our homes with colourful and bright self-made accessories! To celebrate the arrival of this new Spring season we are presenting our newest CAL. Crochet Along with us and create a beautiful Spring Bouquet in 12 weeks! Read our blog for more information.

After the great success of our Christmas Advent CAL and the Easter CAL we're ready for a new challenge! And what's a better way to celebrate this new season than a fresh bouquet of flowers? This complete bouquet of crocheted flowers has been designed by our amigurumi specialist Annemarie Arts. From the Dutch Tulip to the beautiful Gerbera; we'll crochet 11 flowers in total, making a rich and pretty spring bouquet that will never go out of style!

Crochet Along Spring Bouquet

Yarnplaza Spring Bouquet CAL

Starting from Friday April 29th we'll each week present a new crochet pattern of a pretty flower. Add them to your crocheted polkadot vase and create your very own bouquet step by step. After 12 weeks you'll have a gorgeous flourishing bouquet that will cheer up any table or room! Are you ready to join us in this exciting CAL?

What do you need to start the CAL?

- Spring Bouquet Crochet Kit & Polkadot Vase Crochet Kit
- Crochet hook no. 2, 2.5, 3.5 and 4
- Stuffing
- Stitch ring markers
 Clover Pompon maker xs 

Additional materials to buy at your local construction market or craft shop:

- Pvc pipe ∅125 mm, appr. 13 cm high
- Floral binding wire appr. 60 cm
- Cardboard ∅ 13 cm
- Round wooden stick ∅ 6mm, appr. 60 cm long
- Electrical wire appr. 350 cm

Polkadot Vase

What's a bouquet of flowers without a sparkling vase to put them in? This eye-catching blue vase with cheerful pink polkadots is the perfect basis for your crocheted flowers. We have a complete crochet kit available with all materials you need to make your own beautiful polkadot vase! Make sure you're ready to start next week and order it now!

spring bouquet polkadot vase

week 1 willlow catkin free crochet pattern

Week 3 hyacinth spring bouquet cal

Week 4 tulip free crochet pattern spring bouquet CAL

Week 5 free crochet pattern big green leaf spring bouquet CAL

daffodil spring bouquet cal free pattern bleeding heart free crochet pattern spring bouquet CAL

week 8 spring bouquet cal little green twigs

gerbera flower spring bouquet cal free pattern

Lily of the Valley free crochet pattern spring bouquet cal

Rose free crochet pattern flower spring bouquet cal

free crochet pattern flower anthurium spring bouquet cal

Week 1: Crochet Pattern Polkadot Vase
Week 2: Crochet Pattern Willow Catkin
Week 3: Crochet Pattern Hyacinth
Week 4: Crochet Pattern Tulip
Week 5: Crochet Pattern Big Leaf
Week 6: Crochet Pattern Daffodil
Week 7: Crochet Pattern Bleeding Heart
Week 8: Crochet Pattern Little Twigs
Week 9: Crochet Pattern Gerbera
Week 10: Crochet Pattern Lily of the Valley
Week 11: Crochet Pattern Rose
Week 12: Crochet Pattern Anthurium


Are you joining our Spring Bouquet CAL?

And hey, do not miss out on any of these flowers, more free patterns, discounts, inspiration and much more by subscribing to our newsletter here!

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  • Elsa Mayton

    I tried to download your vase pattern but the site didn't have a download button. I also live in United States of America. Thank you for the pattern in advance and looking forward to filling it with crochet flowers. I did sign up for your newsletter to sty abreast of the flowers that are to be placed in your lovely vase.

  • Carmen

    Is there another way to get the pattern for the vase other than using Check Out? USA is not one of the accepted countries and that's a mandatory field. I can understand why you wouldn't have USA for actual shipped product but this is digital.

  • MJ

    I looked for a download link in the blog that doesn't force a purchase, but I can't find the one you mentioned to Carmen above. Am I looking in the right place? I'm also in the US and can't purchase the pattern, as the US is not on your list, or do you have a particular country we can instead choose from the list that will allow us to download as a purchase? And will the rest of the patterns for this CAL be the same, unavailable to the US?

    • Hi MJ,

      We'll make sure that there are direct links available in this blog. There's a direct link to the pattern of the polkadot vase at 'Week 1' just below the picture. Kind regards, Elianne

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  • MDy

    This is a beautiful pattern. I couldn't find the free instructions or a way to purchase the pattern. I'm in the US - is it available here? Thank you.

  • Sarah

    I'm irritated! I was so excited to find this, but it's really aggravating that there are no instructions unless you buy the kit, which, for someone in the US, is way too expensive! REALLY wanted to make this! It says there's a free pattern for the vase, but how do I find it?

  • Frederica Gieda

    please, i would like to join the cal

  • glenda

    The pattern calls for 125mm PVC Pipe, is that width or height? What is the other dimension?

    • Hi Glenda,

      125mm is the diameter of the pipe. The pipe has a standard height of appr. 13 cm. Kind regards, Elianne

      • glenda

        Thank you. Now I can get a piece when out doing shopping errands next week so I can get started on this lovely bouquet that will brighten the house without making me sneeze.

  • lin

    love this, would like to join thank you


    I also wish you would ship kits to the US.
    Can you please tell me what weight cotton you are using? Is it DK or Fingering?

    • Hi Marilyn,

      We're working hard on the shipping possibilities to the USA. Please keep an eye on our website because we'll ship to the USA in the near future. As for the weight of the cotton yarn we're using a sports weight yarn. The cotton yarn is comparable to Phil Coton 3 and SMC Catania.

      Kind Regards, Elianne

      • MARILYN

        Thanks Elianne ~ I don't know whether to try to find a bunch of colors in a cotton yarn here or just wait til you guys figure out how to ship to us. It really is pretty nice to just open a package & see everything you need right there. ☺☺☺

  • Lynn Asmus

    Hi, everyone! This is my first CAL and I am excited about it. I'm here in Michigan, USA. I will be interested to "meet" fellow CALers from around the world and see all the progress pictures. I just started the vase. Good luck to all.

  • Joo

    Thank you so much~~:D

  • Marianna

    Hi, I love the pattern. Unfortunately I'm a beginner and I'm used to slightly different way of writing down instruction. Thus I got stuck with reading rose petal instruction. It says: Round 1: Ch. 3 (ch. 2 = hdc. 1), hdc. 2, ch. 2, hdc. 3, ch. 2, hdc. 3 in the first ch. Ch. 2

    So my question is: I chain 3 and then put 2 hdc in ch1? and then I chain 2 and make 3 hdc in a second row? but its still given as round 1 so I'm not sure how to understand it. It's working in rows or rounds?

    So sorry to bother you with my beginners questions but I'd love to finish this work :)))

    • Hi Marianna, no problem at all! You'll work all your stitches in the first chain. The 2 chains in between the hdc. are used to create chain spaces for the next round. Then you're going to continue in rounds with the pattern as is stated. I hope this helps!

  • jahn

    would love to join this cal

  • Sara

    Hi:) how can i download the patterns ? I didnt find the blog or the link here ! Plz send me the link or post it here :\

  • sara

    Hi dear, plz can you help me with the pattern
    For the vase pattern you mentioned in row 33 to "Cast on a new yarn in the outside loops of round 32. Insert your hook from bottom to top" can plz explain it to me ?
    I didnt understand how to add new yarn to the vase and insert the hook from the back loops in row 32 from the bottom to top!! Plz explain to me

    • Hi Sara, in the previous row you've worked only in the inside loops so single loops are being created on the outside of your work. Take a new yarn and insert your hook from beneath through these loops from as you usually would cast on a new yarn buy only take this single loop on your hook. Then crochet as you usually would. Hope this makes more sense!

  • Sangeeta Bhargava

    yes i am joining the cal

  • Gail

    I like your patterns so much! I have problem with rose petals round 5, Could you help me?
    Round5: Sc.1,sl.st. 2X1 and end with sc.3⋯⋯
    Thanx a lot!

  • Darlene

    I like the flowers but having a very hard time finding the patterns

  • Ambreen

    Is there a smaller version of this hyacinth? 79 rounds seems like it will be too big & take way to long for me! I'd love to make a smaller version.

    • Hi Ambreen, if you want it to be smaller you can decide to skip some rounds here: Round 49 - 66: Sc. 24 each round (24). These rounds are used to give height to the hyacinth so by skipping some rounds here until you have your wanted height you can make it smaller. I.e. work until round 56 and then start decreasing according to round 67 and onwards. Hope this makes sens and please let me know if I can help further!

  • Inkwa


    Iam attempting to make the rose, but I am thoroughly confused by the instructions for the petals. Can you offer any help? Thanks

  • Sabine Kitching

    Thank you I enjoyed what I have seen so far

  • caitlin

    I'm working the big leaf pattern and I'm stuck on the reverse single crochet while still turning the piece after each row. Mine looks nothing like the picture. I am unable to find a tutorial video, is there someone that can explain that for me?

    • Dear Caitlin,

      We are glad to hear that you're crocheting the big leaf! We would like to help you.
      We are curious to find out what yoru leaf looks like and what is so different in yours. Could you please send an E-Mail to info@yarnplaza.com with a photo of your leaf to our customer service department? Then, we can help you with the pattern.

      We are looking forward to your E-Mail and wish you a great day.

      Regards, Suzanne

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