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tapestry crochet technique tutorial how to

Tapestry Crochet is a trending topic! It's a crochet technique that never goes out of style and creates the most beautiful patterns and designs. This technique is used in all kinds of crochet projects like bags, baskets, plaids and much more! We loved learning this technique, and will share useful tips & tricks with you below!  

Tapestry crochet is a technique that has been used all over the world, but has regained its place in the spotlight lately. If you're familiar with the basics of crochet stitches then for sure you can learn this great technique too. Your crochet work will get more firm by using this technique, and the fun thing is that you can make gorgeous patterns that look great on the outside as well as the inside.

Tapestry Crochet

The difference between tapestry crochet and normal crochet stitches is that you carry along different colour yarns while you're working your normal single crochets. You work the single crochet as usual, but around the coloured yarns. Because you carry along different colours you can easily make beautiful colour transitions in your pattern.

tapestry crochet technique how to tutorial

Colour changes: when changing colours, work the preceding single crochet as followed; (1) insert with the colour yarn you're currently working with, yarn over and draw the yarn through. (2) Yarn over with the new colour and (3) draw this through 2 loops on your hook. (4) Now continue working with the new colour.

tapestry crochet technique how to tutorial

Which yarns are suitable for tapestry crochet?
You can use any yarn you want for tapestry crochet, but because you carry along yarns in your work it's wisely not to use very thick yarns. Pick yarns suitable for needle size 3 - 5, so ideally a fingering, sport or DK yarn.

We have some great yarns which we think are very suitable!  Take a look at one of our top cotton yarns Phildar Phil Coton 3 & Phil Coton 4, Drops ParisStylecraft Special DK and Lana Grossa cotton mix 130.

Tapestry Bag Crochet Kits

tapestry crochet bag crochet kit

Do you see this cool bag? You can easily make it yourself using the tapestry technique! Order this complete tapestry bag crochet kit and create your own gorgeous item! Are you ready to try it out? It's so cool as a schoolbag, gym bag or shopping bag.. You can use it for any purpose!

Examples of Tapestry Crochet

tapestry crochet techniques examples

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