Hobby books

Hobby books

Hobbybooks full of inspiration, patterns and tips. Lovely to read with a cup of tea on the couch. There are books specially for knitting and crocheting, but also for other creative projects. Which book is on your wishlist?

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  • Rico - Book Systemhatic

    There are a lot of instructions for knitting and crocheting hats and accessories. Because all heads are different the fit is usually not optimal. Therefore Rico has designed a system with for every head circumference of 52cm - 60cm the perfect number of stitches. The book shows six classic techniques in six different yarns, so you can find the right pattern for the perfect fitting accessories. Learn More

  • Animal Stool Crochet Part 2

    Animal Stool Crochet Part 2 - A book full with beastly crocheted stools! Just as in Animal Stool Crochet Part 1 you will find 9 crochet patterns of happy animal stools. Will you go for the elephant, dino, lion or stork? With the clear descriptions and step-by-step pictures, everbody can do it. The animals are crocheted as a slip-cover so they can easily be changed or washed. Learn More

  • Crochet in the City

    Crochet in the City - Discover the latest book of well-known dutch crocheter Annemarie Benthem known from Annemarie's Crochet Blog. In Crochet in the City are more than 20 cheerful patterns suitable for novice and more experienced crocheters. The book is provided with crochet charts and elaborate patterns such that each crochet lover around the world can start working on the beautiful patterns in this book. Learn More

  • Colorwork Shawls

    Colorwork Shawls - Melanie Berg inspires us in her second book with colorful scarves. In this book, various techniques such as mosaic patterns are used. Here you will find inspiration for using gradient yarns and fantastic color combinations. All instructions are in English as well as in German. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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