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Looking for inspiration and tips & tricks for knitting and crocheting? Take a look at the hobbybooks and magazines at Here you can find the prettiest knitting and crocheting magazines and books.

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  • Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #4

    Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #4 – True freedom is creating what you love. With more than 30 stylish designs in this new Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #4 magazine, you can get started making the most beautiful items for spring and summer. Start knitting a gorgeous sweater, a lovely cardigan, a summery top or a fabulous accessory. The designs use the soft and glossy yarns Liberty, Happiness and Sunshine from the Wooladdicts family. The magazine comes in two parts: an inspiration magazine, laid out with stunning photos of all the designs you can make, and a separate magazine with all the clearly described patterns. Learn More

  • Katia Casual No. 103 2020

    Katia Casual No. 103 2020 - Be inspired by the many lovely summer designs found in the new Katia Casual No. 103 2020 magazine. The magazine is packed full of knitting and crochet patterns for (plus-size) women and men, accessories and home decor, and it will get you in the mood for summer! Do you fancy a new sweater or a lovely cardigan? Or do you never have enough bags? Then this magazine is perfect for you! Learn More

  • Katia Fair Cotton Crochet No. 1 2020

    Katia Fair Cotton Crochet No. 1 2020 – This new magazine proves just how versatile the high-quality Katia Fair Cotton yarn really is. In the Katia Fair Cotton Crochet 1 magazine you will find 17 different crochet projects using this 100% organic yarn. Summer ladies’ wear, airy dresses for little girls, accessories, such as a bag and a shawl, and even a cheerful flag line. There are also sweet little crochet projects for decorating a cot mobile. What a great range of projects! The patterns also range across skill levels, from easy to difficult, so there’s something for everyone. Learn More

  • Crochet in the City

    Crochet in the City - Discover the latest book of well-known dutch crocheter Annemarie Benthem known from Annemarie's Crochet Blog. In Crochet in the City are more than 20 cheerful patterns suitable for novice and more experienced crocheters. The book is provided with crochet charts and elaborate patterns such that each crochet lover around the world can start working on the beautiful patterns in this book. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #2

    Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #2 - In Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #2 you can find the most gorgeous models for spring and summer with the special collection Lang Yarns Wooladdicts. Specially for spring and summer 2 new yarns have been added to the Wooladdicts line, Happiness and Sunshine, which have been used to create the most beautiful patterns with. Get going with knitting a trendy sweater, lovely cardigan or top or one of the great accessories. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Fatto A Mano No. 259 Collection

    Lang Yarns Fatto A Mano No. 259 Collection - In this new summer edition of Fatto A Mano Lang Yarns presents 69 unique models for the summer season. From airy sweaters and cardigans knitted with the soft Lang Yarns Lace to trendy accessories like wraps and scarves. Also for the crochet lovers Fatto a Mano no. 259 contains some great patterns. What do you think about a crocheted dress or a boho cardigan? Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Punto No. 9 Bloom

    Lang Yarns Punto No. 9 Bloom - In this Lang Yarns special you can find most beautiful knitting and crochet patterns with the new Lang Yarns Bloom. This yarn made of cotton, linen, viscose has a beautiful colour gradient and glossy accents in its thread. With patterns from sweaters, cardigans, tops and wraps you can make the most beautiful items for spring and summer. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3

    Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3 - With 40 unique and stylish models from the new Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3 magazine you can get going with making the most beautiful items for winter. The magazine contains models made with the well-known Wooladdicts yarns but also patterns made with the three new yarns Respect, Faith and Trust. The magazine is inspired by 3 worlds with each their own unique look and gorgeous patterns of stylish sweaters, cardigans and accessories like scarves and hats. The magazine consists of an inspiration booklet with pictures and a separate magazine with clearly written patterns. Learn More

  • Katia Concept No. 10 2020

    Katia Concept No. 10 2020 – Go crazy this fall and winter! Because the 2020/2021 fashion trend is all about your own personal style. Katia has met the brief perfectly with this new Katia Concept No. 10 magazine. The full range of colors and materials are on offer in the 56 designs found in the magazine. Do you go for neutral, earthy tones or do you prefer to breeze around in cool shades of blue and green? In terms of yarn, the designs use classics, such as Tencel Merino, Sweet Fleece and Baby Alpaca, as well as new qualities, such as Katia Souspir, Katia Yoga and Katia Eden. The magazine contains primarily knitting patterns and a few crochet patterns for making women and men’s clothing and accessories. Learn More

  • Yarn and Colors Market Bag Booklet

    Yarn and Colors Market Bag Booklet – Not just better for the environment and your wallet, but also super fun to make: this Yarn and Colors Market Bag. It is crocheted using Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have, a 100% cotton yarn available in plenty of colors. Make sure you always have one to hand for any unexpected trips to the shop! Learn More

10 Item(s)

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