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Looking for inspiration and tips & tricks for knitting and crocheting? Take a look at the hobbybooks and magazines at Here you can find the prettiest knitting and crocheting magazines and books.

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  • Katia Casual No. 103 2020

    Katia Casual No. 103 2020 - Be inspired by the many lovely summer designs found in the new Katia Casual No. 103 2020 magazine. The magazine is packed full of knitting and crochet patterns for (plus-size) women and men, accessories and home decor, and it will get you in the mood for summer! Do you fancy a new sweater or a lovely cardigan? Or do you never have enough bags? Then this magazine is perfect for you! Learn More

  • Animal Stool Crochet Part 2

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    Animal Stool Crochet Part 2 - A book full with beastly crocheted stools! Just as in Animal Stool Crochet Part 1 you will find 9 crochet patterns of happy animal stools. Will you go for the elephant, dino, lion or stork? With the clear descriptions and step-by-step pictures, everbody can do it. The animals are crocheted as a slip-cover so they can easily be changed or washed. Learn More

  • Crochet in the City

    Crochet in the City - Discover the latest book of well-known dutch crocheter Annemarie Benthem known from Annemarie's Crochet Blog. In Crochet in the City are more than 20 cheerful patterns suitable for novice and more experienced crocheters. The book is provided with crochet charts and elaborate patterns such that each crochet lover around the world can start working on the beautiful patterns in this book. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3

    Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3 - With 40 unique and stylish models from the new Lang Yarns Wooladdicts #3 magazine you can get going with making the most beautiful items for winter. The magazine contains models made with the well-known Wooladdicts yarns but also patterns made with the three new yarns Respect, Faith and Trust. The magazine is inspired by 3 worlds with each their own unique look and gorgeous patterns of stylish sweaters, cardigans and accessories like scarves and hats. The magazine consists of an inspiration booklet with pictures and a separate magazine with clearly written patterns. Learn More

  • Yarn and Colors Party Kit Booklet

    Yarn and Colors Party Kit Booklet – Where's the party at? Wherever the bunting is flying! With the patterns in the Yarn and Colors Party Kit Booklet you can crochet a colorful garland, cake toppers, coasters, fun bow ties and a bag. The patterns have been designed by Annemarie from Studio Hip & Stip and are clearly written. All the party decorations are crocheted with Yarn and Colors Epic and Must-Have Minis. And crocheting them is a party in and of itself! Learn More

  • Yarn and Colors Basic Basket Booklet

    Yarn and Colors Basic Basket Booklet – In this booklet from Yarn and Colors you will find the pattern for a cool, basic basket. 'Less is more' definitely applies to this item, which you can easily make yourself. Use it to corral soft toys in the kids' room. Or cheer up your living room and use it as a trendy plant basket. We recommend that you crochet the basket using Yarn and Colors Super Charming, available in no fewer than 50 shades.

    Size of the basket: 28 x 20 cm. Learn More

  • Yarn and Colors Block Blanket Booklet

    Yarn and Colors Block Blanket Booklet – What could possibly be better than diving under a colorful block blanket on a cloudy day? That's right, nothing! With this pattern from Yarn and Colors you can crochet a gorgeous blanket from the well-known designer Petit Petite. The pattern is ideal for beginners. The only tricky part is deciding what colors to choose from the extensive range of stunning hues in the Yarn and Colors Epic collection.

    Size of the blanket: 130 x 170 cm. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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