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Your privacy is very important to us. We do our utmost to ensure that your personal details are kept safely and we do not sell your personal details to third parties.

Web statistics
To ensure that our service and website are always up-to-date we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web statistics program which provides anonymous information about visitors and visitors’ behavior at

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What are cookies?
‘Cookies’ are small text files which are sent to your computer when you visit a website. These are used to store information about a visitor. The storage of cookies is a much-used internet technique, used by many websites.

Why does use cookies? uses cookies to store your details so that you don’t have to fill out the forms twice, as would otherwise be the case for login- or address details. We also use cookies to show you relevant advertisements. does not sell these cookies or the stored information to third parties. only uses them to improve your user-experience, the website and advertisements.

Opting out of cookies
It is possible to change the privacy settings in your browser. Go to the ‘help’ option in the toolbar, where you will almost always find the instructions which come with your browser.

Already unsubscribed for cookies?
Please take into account that it might be possible the website does not function optimally. Data possibly is not stored properly, your shopping basket may not (or with difficulty) save your purchases, and problems can also occur with selections and filters. We ask you for your understanding in case this happens.

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