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How do I use a coupon code on Yarnplaza.com?

Do you want to take advantage of the promotions on Yarnplaza.com and need to use a coupon code? Read on for instructions on how to enter a coupon code on Yarnplaza.com.

Step-by-step guide to entering coupon codes

Step 1: Meet the conditions of the promotion & enter the coupon code

Do the contents of your shopping cart meet the conditions of the relevant coupon code?

Then click on “Add coupon code” (link on the left of the page, below the items in your cart). Enter the coupon code and click on the ‘+’ symbol.

You will now see that your code has been accepted. Below the subtotal in the right-hand column, you will see the adjustment for the coupon code. This could be, for example, a discount, free shipping or a free product that has been added to your shopping cart. 

Step 2: Proceed to checkout

When you proceed to checkout, it is possible that your coupon code disappears temporarily. Once you have entered all your personal details and selected your delivery and payment methods, the coupon code will reappear as deducted from your subtotal. Is this not the case? Check whether you have met all the terms and conditions of the coupon code used and, if necessary, contact our customer service (+31 (0) 418 – 721313 or info@yarnplaza.com) before placing your order.

Coupon codes: Terms and conditions

  • Active coupon codes are communicated in the promotion bar under the menu on Yarnplaza.com and can only be redeemed online.
  • Coupon codes are only active for the duration of the promotion and only if the conditions of the promotion are met. For example, having the appropriate items or minimum order value in your shopping cart.
  • For coupon codes redeemable with a minimum order value, the minimum order value is calculated excluding shipping costs.
  • Coupon codes cannot be applied retrospectively. When placing your order, check whether there is a coupon code that applies before placing it. If you use a coupon code, check that it is still applied after you have entered all your details at the checkout.

Do you need help with entering your coupon code?

Please contact our customer service by email at info@yarnplaza.com.

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