Dream Blanket 4.0 CAL/KAL

Dream Blanket 4.0

A new year, a new decade, and a new… Dream Blanket! We kept our resolution and our big dream has once again come true: The Dream Blanket 4.0! This is not just good news for all crocheters but this year, also for knitters! Oh yes, the Dream Blanket 4.0 can indeed be both crocheted and knitted.

What does the Dream Blanket 4.0 look like?

What does the Dream Blanket 4.0 look like? The Dream Blanket 4.0 is once again the stuff of dreams with the 2-color scheme making a return this year. Diverse and unique stitches are brought together to create an attractive throw blanket. Just like the previous Dream Blankets, Dream Blanket 4.0 uses Yarn and Colors Happy. This high-quality yarn ensures that you will be able to enjoy your blanket for many years to come and that you have a range of gorgeous colors to choose from. The Dream Blanket crochet and knitting kits are available in a whopping 15 fantastic color combinations.

The crocheted Dream Blanket 4.0 measures approximately 120 x 160cm. This of course depends on your personal crochet tension.

The knitted Dream Blanket 4.0 measures approximately 135 x 150cm. This of course depends on your personal knitting tension.

Dream Blanket 4.0

Dream Blanket CAL/KAL

The Dream Blanket 4.0 CAL/KAL is now finished. You can, of course, still crochet or knit this beautiful blanket. The Dream Blanket CAL/KAL kit now comes with the complete pattern so you can start knitting or crocheting straightaway. Would you rather get started using your own yarn stash or different yarn from the original Yarn and Colors Happy? Then the Dream Blanket patterns are now also available separately as a download pattern for just €5.95.

Dream Blanket 4.0 complete crochet/knitting kit with printed pattern

The Dream Blanket 4.0 complete kit includes all you need to get started on Tuesday 3rd March with crocheting or knitting the blanket. With the kit, you will receive—in addition to the fine Yarn and Colors Happy yarn, the Dream Blanket bag and the Dream Blanket label— a portion of the crochet or knitting pattern sent to you by email each week for 10 weeks, from Tuesday 3rd March onwards. You will also benefit from lots of great extras, such as exclusive access to the video tutorials, tips and answers to frequently asked questions. At the end of the CAL/KAL, you will receive the complete pattern as a PDF via email.

Crochet Pattern/Knitting Pattern Dream Blanket 4.0 (download version)
For just €5.95 you will receive a digital download of the complete Dream Blanket 4.0 pattern, including links to the video tutorials.

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  • The Dream Blanket 4.0 patterns and videos remain the property of Yarnplaza.com and may not be shared or sold in any way, digitally or physically. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch via email or telephone.
  • Yarnplaza.com is not responsible for any yarn shortage caused by any deviation from the original blanket format or a different crochet/knitting tension. The pattern provides a clear indication of the size of the tension gauge swatch and the kit includes an ample number of balls to make the given format.

Dream Blanket 4.0

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