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Dream Blanket 5.0


It’s a new year and with it comes some very good news: The new Dream Blanket is here! And the good news isn’t just for all crocheters, but for all knitters too. That’s right! Once again, this year, you can enjoy either knitting or crocheting the blanket.

This year’s design is extra special because it is our anniversary edition, our 5th Dream Blanket! To celebrate this milestone, we’ve worked with our amigurumi specialist, Annemarie Arts, to put together a Dream Collection to accompany the Dream Blanket 5.0. The Dream Collection includes the sweetest nursery décor and accessories in the shape of star and cloud cushions and music boxes. The true star of the collection is an adorable dress-up bear with various outfits for all occasions! The Dream Collection is available as both complete crochet kits from € 14,95 and as digital patterns for just € 2,95 each.

What does the Dream Blanket 5.0 look like?

This year, the Dream Blanket 5.0 features the dreamiest stitches all in one color! This way, the stitches really have the chance to shine. And it’s not just the stitches that make this blanket unique, but also the choice of yarn. For the first time, the Dream Blanket 5.0 is crocheted or knitted with Yarn and Colors Joy. This high-quality yarn ensures that you can enjoy using your blanket for many years to come. The new Dream Blanket 5.0 kits are available in 12 gorgeous colors. In addition to the required yarn, you also receive a Dream bag, a leather Dream label and access to the Dream Blanket 5.0 Crochet Along or Knit Along (which one depends on whether you purchased a crochet or knitting kit).


The size of the crocheted Dream Blanket 5.0 is approximately 130 x 180 cm. This, of course, depends on how tightly you crochet.


The size of the knitted Dream Blanket 5.0 is approximately 120 x 150 cm. This, of course, depends on how tightly you knit.


Dream Blanket 5.0 CAL/KAL

The Dream Blanket 5.0 CAL/ KAL starts on 9 March 2021 and is a private CAL (crochet along) and KAL (knit along). That means that you can exclusively receive access to the patterns only by purchasing one of the options below. Every Tuesday, for 10 weeks, you will find a new installment of the pattern in your inbox; happy mail indeed! Each week, this will include a detailed written pattern and a video tutorial in which we will take you step-by-step through how to crochet or knit the new stitches. This way, even beginners can enjoy taking part!

You can join this super fun CAL/KAL by buying the Dream Blanket 5.0 knitting or crochet kit. Would you rather use yarn from your stash or different yarn to the original Yarn and Colors Joy? That’s no problem! You can still take part in the CAL/KAL by purchasing access only to the patterns and video tutorials for just €5,95.

Option 1: Dream Blanket 5.0 complete crochet/knitting kit

The Dream Blanket 5.0 complete kit includes all you need to get started on Tuesday 9rd March with crocheting or knitting the blanket. With the kit, you will receive—in addition to the fine Yarn and Colors Joy yarn, the Dream Blanket bag and the Dream Blanket label— a portion of the crochet or knitting pattern sent to you by email each week for 10 weeks, from Tuesday 9th March onwards. You will also benefit from lots of great extras, such as exclusive access to the video tutorials, tips and answers to frequently asked questions. At the end of the CAL/KAL, you will receive the complete pattern as a PDF via email.


Option 2: Dream Blanket 5.0 access to the private CAL/KAL

Would you prefer to only take part in the CAL/KAL? Then select option 2 which exclusively gives you access to the private CAL/KAL. For just €5.95, for the 10 week duration of the CAL/KAL, you will receive a portion of the crochet or knitting pattern as a PDF sent to you each week by email, as well as exclusive access to the video tutorials, tips, answers to frequently asked questions and the complete crochet or knitting pattern as a PDF at the end of the CAL/KAL.


What do you need to make the Dream Blanket 5.0?



Frequently asked questions about the Dream Blanket 5.0

  • How big is the Dream Blanket 5.0?

    The crocheted blanket is approximately 120 x 190 cm big. The size may vary depending on your personal crochet tension.

    The size of the knitted Dream Blanket 5.0 is approximately 120 x 150 cm. This, of course, depends on how tightly you knit.

  • How can I make the crocheted Dream Blanket 5.0 bigger?

    If you want to make the crocheted blanket wider, begin with a foundation chain that is a multiple of 36 + 9 stitches + 1 turning chain. This stitch count is based on the number of stitches required for the 3rd filet crochet pattern (the middle panel). Note: If you make your blanket wider or narrower, this will work for the middle filet crochet panel, but the other stitch sections and filet crochet panels will need to be adjusted and may not always work out.

  • My blanket is wavy or bunching up. What can I do to get it to lay flat?

    Is your work wavy or does it ripple? Then try using a half or whole size smaller hook or needle. Is your work too tight or does it bunch up? Then try using a half or whole size bigger hook or needle. Small irregularities in tension can easily be resolved by blocking your work well at the end. For the best results, use the handy blocking accessories from the Yarnplaza assortment, such as blocking mats, knit blockers and a water spray bottle.

  • Why is the blanket crocheted/knitted with Yarn and Colors Joy?

    We recommend using Yarn and Colors Joy because it’s the perfect yarn for making blankets. Each ball of Joy weighs a generous 100 grams and is available in a stunning color palette. This yarn is super soft, works up beautifully and holds up really well over a long time (even after many washes). To top it off, Joy has an excellent price to quality ratio.

  • How many balls do I need for the Dream Blanket 5.0?

    For the crocheted Dream Blanket 5.0, you need 14 balls of Yarn and Colors Joy.

    For the knitted Dream Blanket 5.0, you need 11 balls of Yarn and Colors Joy.

  • Can I use a different yarn to make the Dream Blanket 5.0?

    You can certainly use a different yarn to make the blanket. You do need to make sure that the thickness (‘yarn weight’) and yardage are a good match to the original. The thickness of the yarn will affect how many meters of yarn you need and, ultimately, the size of your blanket.

    For this crochet blanket, you need approximately 3500 meters of yarn. For the knitted version, you need approximately 2750 meters. The easiest way to substitute yarn is to go for one that has a similar thickness to the original. In this particular case, you’re looking for a yarn with a stitch gauge of 22 stitches x 30 rows. Then work out how many balls you need based on the given yardage per ball of your chosen yarn.

    Good alternatives for Yarn and Colors Joy are, for example, the 100% acrylic Stylecraft Special DK, a cotton-acrylic mix like Yarn and Colors Baby Fabulous or Yarn and Colors Charming, or the 100% wool Yarn and Colors Serene. By making a gauge swatch, you can determine what size crochet hook or knitting needles you need to meet the required gauge. Whenever you change stitch pattern, it’s important to check that your blanket stays nice and flat. Adjust your hook or needles if it gets too wavy or bunches up.


    • The Dream Blanket 5.0 patterns and videos remain the property of Yarnplaza.com and may not be shared or sold in any way, digitally or physically. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch via email or telephone.
    • Yarnplaza.com is not responsible for any yarn shortage caused by any deviation from the original blanket format or a different crochet/knitting tension. The pattern provides a clear indication of the size of the tension gauge swatch and the kit includes an ample number of balls to make the given size and format.


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