Knitting pattern Thalassa striped sweater


Knitting pattern Thalassa striped sweater – A bright coloured, comfortable sweater cannot be missed in your winter wardrobe. This striped sweater is made of Thalassa and Cabotine and very soft and warm. Phildar Phil Thalassa is a yarn with active components from algae, making it anti-microbal and extra soft.

Sizes (EUR): 34 until 52

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Requirements: - Knitting needles 2,5mm - Knitting needles 3,0mm - Knitting needles 4,0mm - Markers - Phildar Phil Thalassa Noir, Coquelicot, Bengale, Safari, Petrole - Phildar Cabotine Sorbet (number of skeins will depend on the size)

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