Lang Yarns Flyer Viva


Lang Yarns Flyer Viva - This flyer contains a knitting pattern of a warm and colourful hat made of Lang Yarns Viva. The hat is knitted in chessboard pattern for a playful look. The mixed yarn Lang Yarns Viva gives the hat a beautiful look and keeps you warm on cold winter days.
Pick your favourite colour of Lang Yarns Viva and get going!
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Product information

  • Author: Lang Yarns
  • Number of Pages: 2
  • Language: Dutch, English, German
  • Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate
  • ISBN: 7611862262128


- 3 balls Lang Yarns Viva colour 11
- Knitting needles 4 and 4,5mm
- Pompon maker or a piece of cardboard to make a pompon with.

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