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  • Rico Creative Cotton Zickzack

    Rico Creative Cotton Zickzack - A beautiful yarn made of cotton and polyamide with a light wavy look. The basis of cotton has a beautiful colour gradient and the thin polyamide yarn wrapped around it gives the yarn a playful zigzag structure. Creative Cotton Zickzack is perfectly suitable for knitting airy summer tops, cardigans and accessories like scarves. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.49


  • Lana Grossa Chilly Degrade

    Lana Grossa Chilly Dégradé - A 100% linen yarn with a beautiful ombre colour gradient. Chilly Dégradé is part of the Lana Grossa About Berlin line and has a flat net structure. Projects made with Chilly Dégradé get a subtle colour gradient and feel super comfortable because of the linen fibres. Use Chilly Dégradé for making summer clothes like tops and cardigans. Learn More

    Regular Price: €24.95


  • Durable Baby Ripple Blanket Crochet Kit

    Durable Baby Ripple Blanket Crochet Crochet Kit - A wonderfully soft and lightweight baby blanket crocheted in a pretty wave pattern with Durable Cozy Fine. This baby blanket is crocheted in a wave pattern and with multiple colors, which gives a nice effect. In addition to the standard pink and blue tones, this baby blanket is also available in other colors such as orange, gray and green tones. The size of the Durable Baby Ripple Blanket is approximately 75 x 100 cm. Learn More

    Regular Price: €44.95


3 Item(s)

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