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  • Lana Grossa Slow Wool Canapa

    Lana Grossa Slow Wool Canapa - A robust but soft yarn made of a special combination of merino wool and hemp. Slow Wool Canapa is a 100% ecologically produced yarn and has a twined structure. Because of the addition of hemp, projects made with Slow Wool Canapa get a subtle tweed effect. Learn More

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  • Lana Grossa Gomitolo Conseta

    Lana Grossa Gomitolo Conseta - A chunky gradient yarn made from wool, viscose and silk from the Lana Grossa Gomitolo line. Gomitolo Conseta has a slightly irregular thread with a sliver structure and subtle gloss accents due to the addition of silk. Use Gomitolo Conseta for crocheting and knitting colorful items of clothing and accessories such as ponchos, shawls and cardigans. Learn More

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2 Item(s)

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