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  • Phildar Phil Noé

    Phildar Phil Noé is a soft and supple yarn made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. The braided structure makes sure that this yarn is strong, and the combination of materials makes it super light. Phildar Phil Noé can be used to knit and crochet the most beautiful summer models, like tops, sweaters and cardigans. Learn More

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  • ByClaire Chunky Cotton

    ByClaire Chunky Cotton - A soft, rope yarn made of 100% cotton. Chunky Cotton has a sturdy look and is ideal for all kinds of projects like robust crochet- and knitting- but also macramé projects. Choose your favourite from the 15 beautiful colours and get going with this gorgeous chunky yarn! Learn More

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  • SMC Catania Denim

    SMC Catania Denim - The very popular yarn SMC Catania is now available in a trendy denim look. The yarn is characterized by a slightly faded effect and natural appearance. Because the yarn is mercerized, it retains a matt effect and it feels very soft. Ideal for smaller (crochet) projects like amigurumi. Learn More

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3 Item(s)

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