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  • Lana Grossa Difuso

    Lana Grossa Difuso - A lightweight ribbon yarn with a luxurious look. This yarn consists of cotton that has been processed with a black polyester thread, giving it a fancy look. Because of its cotton basis this yarn feels nicely soft and airy and is therefore ideal for making stylish tops and elegant sweaters. Learn More

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  • Rico Creative Cotton Zickzack

    Rico Creative Cotton Zickzack - A beautiful yarn made of cotton and polyamide with a light wavy look. The basis of cotton has a beautiful colour gradient and the thin polyamide yarn wrapped around it gives the yarn a playful zigzag structure. Creative Cotton Zickzack is perfectly suitable for knitting airy summer tops, cardigans and accessories like scarves. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.49


2 Item(s)

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