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  • Lana Grossa Allegro Dégradé

    Lana Grossa Allegro Dégradé - A beautiful summer yarn made of a combination of cotton and shiny viscose. The soft colour gradient and the combination of different materials gives this yarn a luxurious look. The thread with delicate chained structure is ideal for knitting and crocheting clothes and accessories. Make stylish airy tops, cardigans and fashionable sweaters with Allegro Dégradé! Learn More

    Regular Price: €12.95


  • Lana Grossa Allegro

    Lana Grossa Allegro is a wonderful mixture of matte cotton and glossy viscose, resulting in an interesting colour change. The yarn has a nice chain structure which makes it strong. Allegro is very suitable for knitting summer clothes. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.95


  • Lana Grossa Silkhair Degradé

    Lana Grossa Silkhair Degradé - A beautiful gradient yarn made of Superkid Mohair and silk with an outstanding quality. Silkhair Degradé is a very soft and delicate lace yarn, specially suitable for knitting sweaters and cardigans. The silky fibres give this fluffy yarn a beautiful glamourous effect! Learn More

    Regular Price: €16.90


  • Lana Grossa Gomitolo Silkhair

    Lana Grossa Gomitolo Silkhair - Lana Grossa introduces a beautiful new variant of the Silkhair yarn in their trendy Gomitolo line. Gomitolo Silkhair has a very subtle colour gradient and has just like the other yarn from the Gomitolo line a large amour of meters on its skein. The exclusive combination of mohair and silk makes projects made with Gomitolo Silkhair not only super soft and warm but gives them also a super chic look. Learn More

    Regular Price: €29.50


4 Item(s)

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