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  • Lana Grossa Di Moda

    Lana Grossa Di Moda is an airy yarn with a soft and playful sheer. This yarn is ideal for knitting and crocheting summer projects, and will provide you with an unique effect by the gradient colours. Make beautiful summer tops with open structures or start a beautiful royal summer scarf. Learn More

    Regular Price: €6.95


  • Lana Grossa Mohairlana

    Lana Grossa Mohairlana - A gorgeous fine and lightweight yarn made of mohair, wool and polyamide. The delicate thread feels soft on your skin and is ideal for making clothes and accessories. Knit a sweater in a beautiful eyelet pattern or crochet a pretty lace scarf. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.95


  • Lana Grossa Silkhair Degradé

    Lana Grossa Silkhair Degradé - A beautiful gradient yarn made of Superkid Mohair and silk with an outstanding quality. Silkhair Degradé is a very soft and delicate lace yarn, specially suitable for knitting sweaters and cardigans. The silky fibres give this fluffy yarn a beautiful glamourous effect! Learn More

    Regular Price: €16.90


  • Lang Yarns Mohair Trend

    Lang Yarns Mohair Trend - This mixed yarn made of mohair and silk is the ideal ball for those who love soft and hairy yarns. Mohair Trend feels silky soft and gives your knitting or crochet projects a beautiful look. Learn More

    Regular Price: €9.95


  • Lana Grossa Gomitolo Silkhair

    Lana Grossa Gomitolo Silkhair - Lana Grossa introduces a beautiful new variant of the Silkhair yarn in their trendy Gomitolo line. Gomitolo Silkhair has a very subtle colour gradient and has just like the other yarn from the Gomitolo line a large amour of meters on its skein. The exclusive combination of mohair and silk makes projects made with Gomitolo Silkhair not only super soft and warm but gives them also a super chic look. Learn More

    Regular Price: €29.50


  • Katia Funny Rainbow

    Katia Funny Rainbow - A 100% cotton gradient yarn specially suitable for making wraps, scarves and summer clothes. Katia Funny Rainbow consists of 4 thin yarns, each in a different colour, that are loosely twined creating a playful effect in your projects. With only one ball you can knit or crochet a beautiful wrap! Learn More

    Regular Price: €15.50


  • Katia Aire

    Katia Aire - A very luxurious yarn made of baby alpaca wool and mohair. This delicate mix of fibres makes this yarn ideal for airy, yet warm winter projects. Think about comfy scarves and sweaters in beautiful eyelet or lace patterns, but also using Katia Aire on big needles will yield gorgeous projects. The fluffy yarn feels soft on your skin and provides you with lots of wearing comfort. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.60


  • Lana Grossa Cresta

    Lana Grossa Cresta - A soft mix of cotton and polyamide with a hairy look. Lana Grossa Cresta consists of a basis of a firm cotton yarn with small little hairy loops. Projects made with Cresta get a beautiful soft and playful structure. Use it for knitting and crochet the most beautiful summer clothes and accessories! Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.95


  • Lana Grossa Peru Tweed

    Lana Grossa Peru Tweed - A soft and woolly yarn with playful tweed accents in its thread. Peru Tweed is a combination of alpaca, viscose, polyamide and merino wool, making is lovely soft and lightweight at the same time. The colourful tweed dots in the yarn give your knitting or crochet projects a beautiful look. Learn More

    Regular Price: €8.95


  • Lana Grossa Tutti

    Lana Grossa Tutti - A colourful gradient yarn with a hairy and super soft look. Lana Grossa Tutti consists of mohair, alpaca, merino wool and polyamide and feels lovely and comfortable on the skin. The yarn has been double dyed, making the colour effects look even more exquisite. Therefore Tutti will look best in simple and elegant models like sweaters, cardigans and accessories for winter. Pick from the many beautiful shades. Learn More

    Regular Price: €19.95


18 Item(s)

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