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  • Rico Creative Filz

    Rico Creative Filz is a gorgeous, lightweight yarn for knitting warm and soft clothes, but as the name suggests, it has been designed for felting. The felting quality makes this yarn very suitable for bags, baskets and house slippers. If you don't want it to felt, simply handwash your garment. Learn More

    Regular Price: €3.49


  • Lana Grossa Micio

    Lana Grossa Micio - A gorgeous hairy yarn consisting of a basis of polyamide combined with a fluffy mix of wool and camel hair. Micio is suitable for needles size 7 - 8mm and gives your knitting and crochet projects a soft fleece look. Pick from the beautiful shades like purple, green and blue and create the ultimate look for the fall and winter season! Learn More

    Regular Price: €6.95


  • Katia Scuby Cotton

    Katia Scuby Cotton - A robust and chunky yarn made of a mix of cotton and polyester. Katia Scuby Cotton has a braided structure giving your projects a sturdy effect. Use Scuby Cotton for knitting and crocheting home decorations like baskets and rugs or use it for macramé projects. Learn More

    Regular Price: €8.95


3 Item(s)

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