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  • Rico Fashion Gigantic Mohair

    Rico Fashion Gigantic Mohair is a soft, lightweight yarn made with mohair. Use this open end yarn in a chain stitch for a comfy muffler or hat. Learn More

    Regular Price: €14.99


  • Lana Grossa Cloud Dégradé

    Lana Grossa Cloud Dégradé - A luxurious yarn made of delicate baby alpaca- and merino wool. Cloud Dégradé has very subtle colour transitions and is not only super soft, by also light weight. The thread gives a smooth surface and is ideal for making cosy winter sweaters and stylish cardigans. Learn More

    Regular Price: €7.95


  • Knit Collage Cast Away

    Knit Collage Cast Away is a beautiful yarn with neutral colors and a cocoon-like structure. Thanks to the coloured accents, the wool has a mixed effect which looks great in combination with this particular structure. Castaway is super soft and ideal for knitting a delicate muffler, scarf or a warm hat. Knit Collage yarns are hand-spun in India, so each thread is unique. Learn More

    Regular Price: €25.95


  • Rico Creative Cocon

    Rico Creative Cocon - A super chunky roving specially suitable for making home decorations and accessories. Creative Cocon feels super soft and has with its combination of polyamide, acrylic and wool a real robing look. The yarn is suitable for knitting as well as crocheting and is also perfect for making a woven wall hanging. Learn More

    Regular Price: €11.05


4 Item(s)

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